Last Line Of Defense – Is YOUR Sheriff On Board?

by Mike

The duty of the County Sheriff is to uphold the Constitution. The County Sheriff should NOT be just another layer of law enforcement, faithfully executing whatever garbage Washington sends his way.
Done right, the office of County Sheriff could be your last line of defense against Federal overreach, short of reaching for your own gun.

As of today, 228 County Sheriffs nationwide have signed on to uphold your second amendment rights: ONE brave soul on that list is from NH – Congratulations, Sheriff Doug Dutile! Get the latest list here. Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee is on the list, too – no hypocrite, he.

Sheriff Richard Mack became famous for fighting, and beating, the Clinton Administration over the Brady Bill. Now he has formed the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association – This video trailer gives you a good idea of what they are about:

Mack to Obama:You have no authority to tell me what kind of gun I can own, how big of a clip I can own, or even that I have to go through your stupid background checks. I’ll own whatever kind of gun I want, and it’s NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE!

Sheriff Mack was at a “Guns Across America” rally at the capital steps in Austin, TX. There were around 2,500 in attendance at the rally. Video from InfoWars:

CSPOA Constitutional Seminar – Buy One For YOUR Sheriff:

This 6 disk DVD collection features over 7 hours of speeches by constitutional lawyers, county commissioners, sheriffs, historians, investigative reporters as well as a presidential candidate and a former IRS agent. Ranging from the history and philosophy of the constitution to the current issues at hand, this collection features a comprehensive and detailed look at the fundamental issues that plague our 3 branches of government.

Sam Page was quoted saying, “I have learned more on Constitutional law in one day here at this convention than I have in my 15 years as a Sheriff.” Please help us educate, train and elect constitutional sheriff’s across the United States. County by County, Sheriff by Sheriff, we will restore the government back to the people.

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