Keep Calm And Vote Hemingway

by Mike

While attending the Hillsboro County last weekend, I was most amused to see this variation on the “Vote for Me” stickers, and thought I’d share it. As Tom already posted, we were graced with the presence of Andrew Hemingway and Jennifer Horn, and truly blessed by the absence of Andy Martin!

Andrew’s speech laid out his plans in a series of crisp, clear points, and he made it obvious why he will make a great chairman.

Personally, I’ve worked with both Jennifer Horn and Andrew Hemingway for about 4 years. I’ve watched as Andrew built RLCNH into a powerhouse that played a large part in electing our conservative majority in 2010; I’ve read his clear, crisp communications for RLCNH and for the Gingrich campaign: This man is an activist, a first class communicator, a fundraiser, and a conservative who believes in limited government.

I’ve also watched Jennifer Horn over a similar period – as she talked a good Tea Party game in 2008, a fair Tea Party game in 2010, and finally allowed herself to be co-opted by the state party elders in 2012. My harsh criticism is reserved for the party functionaries who worked to clear the deck of other candidates before Jennifer announced that she was running “unopposed” a month or so ago, but I also have listened to Jennifer’s stump speeches, and find them less crisp, less convincing, and somewhat “me, too” compared to Andrew Hemingway.

For me, the choice is clear, and I urge voting delegates to Keep Calm and Vote Hemingway! Carry on, team!

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