Keep Calm And Vote Hemingway

by Mike

While attending the Hillsboro County last weekend, I was most amused to see this variation on the “Vote for Me” stickers, and thought I’d share it. As Tom already posted, we were graced with the presence of Andrew Hemingway and Jennifer Horn, and truly blessed by the absence of Andy Martin!

Andrew’s speech laid out his plans in a series of crisp, clear points, and he made it obvious why he will make a great chairman.

Personally, I’ve worked with both Jennifer Horn and Andrew Hemingway for about 4 years. I’ve watched as Andrew built RLCNH into a powerhouse that played a large part in electing our conservative majority in 2010; I’ve read his clear, crisp communications for RLCNH and for the Gingrich campaign: This man is an activist, a first class communicator, a fundraiser, and a conservative who believes in limited government.

I’ve also watched Jennifer Horn over a similar period – as she talked a good Tea Party game in 2008, a fair Tea Party game in 2010, and finally allowed herself to be co-opted by the state party elders in 2012. My harsh criticism is reserved for the party functionaries who worked to clear the deck of other candidates before Jennifer announced that she was running “unopposed” a month or so ago, but I also have listened to Jennifer’s stump speeches, and find them less crisp, less convincing, and somewhat “me, too” compared to Andrew Hemingway.

For me, the choice is clear, and I urge voting delegates to Keep Calm and Vote Hemingway! Carry on, team!

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  • HornBlower

    Jennifer pimps herself out to anyone who will support her.

  • Susan

    I listened to both at the Merrimack County Republican elections Thursday night…you are right on the ‘me, too!’. And while Andrew has had my support since I first heard him speak, the difference Thursday night couldn not have been clearer. Smart, confident, poised, compassionate, determined, attractive – Andrew’s got it all. If tenure is the determining factor, why don’t we just call Bob Dole and see if he’s available – it is his turn, after all.
    Short version, I’m calm and waiting for the 26th.

  • Van

    I also had the pleasure to hear and speak one on one with both Andrew and Jennifer at the Merrimack County Republican Elections/Meeting on Thursday. I thought they were both impressive and we are lucky that such good candidates are running for this office. My vote will be based on what the NH GOP needs and that is the introduction of more technology and I think Andrew can bring that home. Regardless who wins we need to work together.

    • C. dog e. doG

      I think you might need to help repair a few fences, starting with mustering a few retractions and apologies from certain corners. I think there is common ground here for various factions to move forward upon, starting with … school choice? Other than here at Grok, I don’t hear much about it from those who wear the “R”. Is this the proverbial baby thrown out with the bath water?
      – C. dog

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  • Wow Mike, I trust your experiences over Bruce Perlo’s any day!

  • Blues Brothers

    is a very nice lady. I think she is passionate in call to duty but I think her
    skills are not what the party needs at this time. The GOP is broken and
    solution is not what she brings to the table. Beyond that, I see ethical
    problems, when she wants to have confidence in the people of NH to contribute
    money to make responsible decisions on how best allocate resources on behalf of
    the donors. Yes that is a big concern. A person that holds that position must
    be above reproach. Her approach to the job is to bring the same failed
    leadership and employees from the Romney headquarters in Bedford. Yet, there is
    an establishment in NH of legislators that support Jennifer and that old
    methods are working…wrong. If you drink sour milk don’t put it back the
    refrigerator and expect a different result.

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