Is the NHACP going to repeat their Chicken Little routine again?

by Skip

NHACP 2011-12-28 Against "Stand Your Ground"In the last session, the NH Associations of Chiefs of Police (NHACP) decided that legislation that more fully allowed NH Citizens to realize their Natural Right to self-defense and lobbied the legislators (I do wonder if that would be legal – I seem to remember that association dues like this are paid out of property taxes.  Thus, wouldn’t this be illegal??).  For all their kvetching about a “Wild West” (echoing what others always say when gun laws are relaxed), the same thing happened here in NH as elsewhere – nothing happened. At all.  Nada, when it came to actions by lawful citizens.  And like those “else where naysayers”, the NHACP ended up looking like Chicken Littles. ‘Cept no sky fell.

Well, HB135 is now up for a vote – once again, hypocritical Democrats are trying to change “settled law” and reverse what Republicans passed last session.  Will we see the NHACP throw in with the Democrats in limiting Citizens’ Rights – after all, the empirical evidence shows that the law has been successful has happened.  I outline a couple of what I thought to be key phrases .But ask yourself – given their failed prophecy, will they again try to act as the Oracle at Delphi?

  • We should not tamper with our current system.  Would you now, given the time that the law has been in force, that this sentence is actually true?
  • Wild west firearms statutes run the risk of negatively impacting tourism (et al).  Well other than the economy impacting tourism, I (nor any other Groksters) heard of any such deleterious effect. Pretty much, the only comments I heard were the regular anti-gunners and, of course, you guys.
  • to feel fearful  It is not the job of government to allay the fears of irrational people.  Yes, criminals have guns, but why would anyone be scared of regular, law-abiding people.  There are laws on the books and they should be enforced.  But these law-abiding folks understand what a hassle and danger it would be to act other than by acting lawfully – so you wish to act in such a manner that tells us that you would strip us of firearms a la Diane Feinstein?
  • “they will be used in a fit” – combine that with the “wild west” comment, the NHACP would have us believe that every 100 feet of roadway, we’d be laying white crosses down; didn’t happen, did it?

I guess the best line is “Don’t fix it”.

So, what say you, NHACP?





















We should not tamper

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