Is it Time To Pull Out…of Chicagostan?

Chicago - more murders than deaths in warWND is reporting that since the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan (2001 to present) 2,166 Americans have died there.  From 2003 to present, 4,797 people have been murdered in the city of Chicago.

Chicagostan is more dangerous to the life expectancy of American’s than Afghanistan.  And in case you forgot, Afghanistan is a war zone.

And remember Iraq?

Operation Iraqi Freedom, the name for the war in Iraq, which started March 20, 2003, and ended Dec. 15, 2011, saw a total of 4,422 killed.

We had to ‘pull out’ of Iraq.  No more American blood would be spilled there.  So is it time to pull out of Chicagostan?

But why should we?

Chicago has the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation.  If Liberal policy wonks can be believed it should be the safest city in the land.   Yet more Americans are killed there than in a war zone, including this young lady from Chicago, who performed with her School band at Mr. Obama’s recent inauguration.

So American children are dying every day in Chicagostan and it’s not for oil, or money.   It is not to advance the global world-view of some colonialist super-power, for good or bad.   These Americans are dying for the Democrat parties arrogant obsession with failed public policy.  Those 4,797 people died because a long parade of liberal-Democrats refused them the right to self defense.  They never had a chance.

And if liberals had their way, the whole nation would be just like Chicago?

If the whole nation was like Chicago there would be no better place for people in Chicago to go.  We couldn’t pull out of Chicagostan.  We’d all be trapped in the lefts failed social experiments, the ones that lead to the violence, that lead to the deaths to more people in a domestic metropolitan city than in a war zone.

Is that what the Liberals really want?  They want us to depend on them, to depend on government to such a degree that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of our families, our children, thousands and thousands of dead Americans, just to get their way?

The answer is yes.  Whether they choose to believe it or not, that is exactly what they want.  That is the result of their anti-gun policy.  And they refuse to back away from their policy.  So that blood is on their hands.