If Corey Booker were in NY, I betcha he’d get lots of takers! And GET taken, too!

The Blaze is reporting another gun buy back program (reformated, emphasis mine):

Newark, N.J., mayor and rising Democrat star Cory Booker has a plan to curb gun violence in his city: Offer a $1,000 reward for information leading to the seizure of illegally owned firearms.  No, really: The city has set up an anonymous hotline and everything…“So we have a program in our city right now that’s completely anonymous and we will give you cash,” he continues, “$1,000 to anyone who calls our anonymous tip line. Give us the information about who is carrying a gun and we don’t even have to have a conviction. We arrest that individual and simply get that gun off the streets.”

This has got fraud and hassles written all over it.  I can see it now “That dirtbag that screwed me over last year?  He’s about to get his and I get paid for his troubles”!  Yeah, I’m betting that a lot of are going to simply get arrested and their property confiscated on an anonymous tip (nothing mentioned about combating this kind of mischief).  The comment that will take the City of Newark to the cleaners (and no, not those related to “mistake lawsuits”):

Why the guns are illegal is what remains anonymous. Consider this:

I steal some legally owned guns out of the house of an upstanding citizen. I go to a park and hide the guns (which are now illegally in my position, therefore illegal guns) behind a tree. I call the hotline and tell them where these guns are. The cops come grab the guns and impound them, and for my troubles in assisting their gun grab give me $1,000.


If this goes bad quickly and publicly, this Democrat rising star might get a couple of smudges on that starshine first.  BTW, don’t some of the fraudster-in-waiting have a two builtin maps on where to get the stolen goods (or shake things up for the map producers) ?