I have a question for Republican politicians in the NH and DC Houses and Senates:

by Skip

With the Democrats falling all over themselves in paroxysms of one-upmanship to see who submit laws to nullify a law-abiding Citizen’s exercise of the Second Amendment the most or the fastest (or, in the case of Diane Feinstein and others – simply take them, and in the case of a few others – threats to simply kill us) to the point of there effectively removing that from the Bill of Rights, I have a question:

Why aren’t you-all Republicans standing up to the opposition with bills of your own to protect us, your constituents?

Some of you are speaking up – but not a whole lot of you.  Have you become that weenie-fied that you can’t even stand up against a few mal mots from the More Government Interventionalists sitting next to you in the House and Senate and Mainstream Media?  Are you that scared for standing up for Principle?

Where’s the fire in the belly to fight fire-with-fire?  After all, do you really think that they are going to stop merely because you say “Well, sir/madam, isn’t your law unconstitutional”?

Jus’ askin’….ARE we Government subjects?

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