“I don’t know WHY anyone NEEDS an AR-15”. Wrong premise, Progressives!

by Skip

True Freedom means not having to have a Need to order justify having something

assault weaponRemember that the next time somebody demands “Why do you need that?” (unless it is your spouse or your Mother – then forget what I’m saying here.  Steve is busy and I am having another one of those “paralysis blocks” that bloggers sometimes have.  Not exactly “writer’s block” (during which you can’t think of a thing to say, and worse, if you did, can’t type two words that lie together well) but a case of “there’s too much going on – what to take on first (or best) and not sound like a me-too schmuck”.  But sometimes, when in that mode, it’s like you are the shooting guard in basketball and you go into a 0 for 20 shooting run – the only way out is to keep shooting.  So, here’s a shot in the dark.

We are, as a nation, at a cusp.  The vast majority of Americans were outraged at the tragedy in Newtown.  True to form, Progressives jumped on this crisis with both feet – hey such a chance to advance a fundamental Progressive ideal – an unarmed citizenry.  After all, their belief system demands fealty to the notion that Government is there for YOU and that their Government (and make no mistake, no limited government is any Government of theirs) will take care of you.  Thus, no guns, and certainly no guns of any consequence.  You don’t need them to defend yourself (call 911) and you really don’t have to hunt (that’s cruel to animals, and besides, we grow them in that plastic wrap).  They really don’t believe in guns, even as many of these Progressive elected officials make utter fools of themselves concerning the vocabulary concerning the descriptions of firearms and accessories (we’ll let you off the hook – we’d laugh less at you if you just said “ewww, you can’t have them because they’re ICKY” than when you can’t get the basic nomenclature right).

So, from their Olympus like heights of Enlightened Morality, they proclaim “You don’t NEED that!” – and they do mean it; they have no idea of why something would be important to you – and they don’t care to know.  In their worldview, where the rest of us need guidance, this is one of those supreme moments of applying Progressive Guidance (yes, upper-case chosen deliberately to show the height of Progressive Reaction of those that they have allowed to go astray for too long – they are done with “our foolishness”.

Any time you hear Liberal or Progressive (yes, you can be the former without being the latter but with the way that the New Left is hollowing out the Democrat Party, that person is seldom is a moderate Democrat) say that, here is your reposte:

So, Jackass, what does Need have to do with Freedom?

Doesn’t Freedom mean exactly that – that I don’t have to have a reason?  That I don’t have to justify it – at all?  And that it is none of your damn business!

Oh, they may sputter and grunt, and mumble something about kids killed and you’re part of that if you are against them (again, Progressive’s ace in the hole for when they have legit defense to mount – one that we have to ridicule just as we now ridicule racism).  But that really is the answer “in the large” – our forefathers have us the freedom as the undergirding of our Republic.  We don’t HAVE to ask permission of others to do something or buy and posses something with the money you have earned with your skills and labor.

The Progressives want to turn that around – that you have to ask permission, that you have a “need” for something.  Like a gun (and soon, other things that do not fit in with their world view – look at soda, look at tobacco (yet, they’re all fine with giving out needles to heroin addicts, right?).  This is the premise that we have to refute and ridicule every single time it is tried

Once again, if boiled down to its essence, the Progressives are offering a ‘free gift” of safety and security – heck, if that was the most important thing in life, why would we have fought a Revolutionary War in the first place – after all, the British were THE Superpower at that time; they were taking “care of the Colonies”, right?

They do know, however, that the real cost is of Liberty and the continued undermining of the Constitution.

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