Honesty – the real reason why Neal Boortz retired from radio? “Who is John Galt?”

by Skip

I have listened to him on WSB a number of times and often stop by his website.  Well, this Libertarian has retired “early” according to some; he says that the reason is “because I can”.  However, at the end of his “retirement post” is this:

Obama is a destroyer. A sneering, menacing, arrogant destroyer – and I’m not going to let him destroy the rest of my life. I simply an NOT going to be one of his “tax the rich” victims. The solution is simple. Stop earning. Minimal income, minimal income taxes. Live off your investments. I’m ready. From my standpoint, Dear Ruler, your tax increase reduced revenues. It certainly didn’t increase them. I have many personal friends who are in exactly the same boat and have made the same decision. I don’t belong to Obama, and I’m not going to work 50% of every working day for him. I’ve escaped — as of noon today.

Just the French actor Depardieu when he said “I am a free citizen” – he moved first to Belgium and then to Russia when newly elected French Prime Minister Hollande’s 75% income tax. Why WOULD anyone wish to give more of himself to the State than to himself and his family?  Since when did a “free country” demand more of someone than what they get for themselves?

Ask a Progressive the next time taxes comes up – at what point does a “free citizen” become a “tax indentured servant”?  Depardieu came under attack for not being willing to “pay his fair share”; since when did 75% of someone livelihood becomes the State’s property moral?  Is this not the beginnings of the manifestations of a tyrannical government?  The answer is this: only when Individuals are no longer important and the Collective State is preeminent.   The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen.

(H/T: Boortz)

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