High Anxiety In The Chairman’s Race – How Will Jennifer Handle ‘Buckles’?

by Mike

Could Jennifer handle this clown?

Signs of stress?

I have previously noted that Jennifer Horn’s messaging has not been as crisp during this chairman’s race, as we’d previously seen during her runs for Congress.

Seems that others are noticing that’s she’s a little… distracted… Over lunch today, two ladies, who had attended different county GOP meetings noted that Jennifer always appeared to be chewing something, perhaps the inside of her cheeks, and that this was a very recent phenomenon – kind of a nervous tic.

Hmmm… High stress, distracted, nervous tics – is THIS the happy warrior we want to set against our friend “Buckles”?

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  • wow! glad to see that graphic getting some face time LMAO

  • Bubbles

    And I thought she just hadn’t finished her dinner before getting up to speak….

  • I think she knows. It definitely isn’t locked up for her.

  • Actually it sounds more like the side effect of Celaxa (an anti-depressant), or anyone one of several Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. That’s my guess; but the study of ethnopharmocology is just a pass time, so I’m no expert.

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