HB 336 – Screw the Budget and Jobs let’s Ban the Sale of Some Fireworks!

hb336 would ban some fireworks in NHThe New Hampshire House “focus” on budgets and jobs continues tomorrow at 2:00 pm in LOB 204 as the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee “suffers through” another hearing room full of citizens on the critically important issue of banning things while mandating other things that will increase the cost of doing business.

HB 336 would ban some fireworks while making it a crime if retailers of permissible fireworks fail to provide state approved safety information to all customers.

Nothing says job creation like the state driving up fixed costs and limiting access to consumers.  Recovery here we come!

My suggestion?  Pack the hearing and force Chair Laura Pantelakos to suffer through five hours of testimony.

And on the matter of a suggested state wide ban on helicopters, aerial spinners, re-loadable aerial shells, and parachute aerial devices, two of the three sponsors are actually Republicans; Senator Chuck Morse (Dist 22), Charlene Takesian (Hills 37), so I’d expect it to come out of committee with a recommendation of “ought to pass.”

But this isn’t a budget bill and it doesn’t create jobs so why haven’t I heard anything from the left about distractions or something?

Steve on GAL

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