“Gun Control” – that’s just so HARSH. WMUR approves of Obama Administration’s Politically Correct term: “safety”

by Skip

During lunch I wanted to find out what the weather was going to be so I switched on WMUR and listened to Melinda Davenport read the update on the Presidential Gun Task Force:

Well, the gun debate continues to heat up.  VP Joe Biden kicked off his gun violence task force yesterday by meeting with gun violence survivors and safety groups.  Today he sat down with the other side of this controversial topic as he he meets with the NRA.  The task force will make recommendations for gun policy changes at the end of the month.

Note that?  Nice to see the constant slide of the Left in changing their chameleon skins – and the Media’s complicity in helping out.  Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, they called themselves “Progressives*.  They so wore out their welcome with that word, they decided to alter ego themselves and merely change their names “Hey, we’re Liberals – we’re NEW and DIFFERENT”.  Yeah, so different, they had to start back using their old name “Progressive”.  Same people, different names, same regressive philosophy.  Truthfulness in advertising? No – language perversion in the cause of collectivism winning out over Liberty & Freedom.

Hardly.  They have one LARGE fundamental problem – if they called themselves, and their policies, exactly what their heartfelt policies would result in, nobody would go for them.  Their real monniker should be “Hiders” – especially amongst the Political Class Progressives who couldn’t be elected dog catcher, in many cases, if their true ends were known with ALL of the ramifications.

Thus, the same with Gun Control.  The Handgun Violence became the Brady Center.  And now Gun Control, the phrase formerly used by Progressive Gun Grabbers, quickly morphed into Gun Violence after Aurora and Sandy Hook.  Guess they had a few faulty focus groups, as that quickly re-skinned itself (true to their changeling core principle – hide in plain site) to that nice, soft “Gun Safety“.

After all, who could be against safety?  Which sends the message (intentional) of “hey, if you are against safety, you are a mean, cold-hearted killer that hates children”.

* – (a misnomer if ever there was one, as they don’t believe that the ordinary person has the smarts to navigate life on their own, so they will replace our Republic with a set of unelected, unaccountable, and self-funding technocrats who ‘scientifically’ make all the rules for us.  Examples: IPAB of Obamacare (beyond the reach of legislative law), Consumer Protection Agency of Dodd-Frank(enstein, again, beyond the reach of legislative law), and the former attempt by now Governor Maggie “The Red” Hassan (who also tried to hide in the No Labels group to shade “The Red”) of MaggieCare – that legislative abomination that would have created, yup, you got it – an unelected, unaccountable group that was to “equalize” (such a Marxist term!) costing between hospitals by effecting becoming their Super-board of directors – and able to tax them for the privilege to boot).

So, the Gun Grabbers want the public to feel “Oh, we in Government are the ONLY ones that can protect you from the bad people with guns”.

Yeah, and it you (the Government) 20 minutes to get to Sandy Hook elementary school.  Some protection, eh?

And WMUR is complicit in this to “chameleonization to safety”.

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