GrokTV – Right to Life Rally: interview with Karen Testerman and Susan Olsen

by Skip

This past Saturday was a two-fer for rallies that we attended.  The first one was a Right To Life Rally and March – a Pro-Life affirmation that even the unborn children deserve  have the Right to live a full and exemplary life even in the face of the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade.  After a couple of hymns, prayer, and a couple of short speeches, the crowd ended up marching to a “womens’ heathcare” facility to protest that taking of lives-never-to-be-lived.

At the rally, I had the chance to interview a few folks; the first were the NH co-founding duo of Smart Girl Politics, Karen Testerman and Susan Olsen.  Karen is a well known conservative activist for many years while Susan is also a writer here at GraniteGrok (in addition to a number of other things as well).  Here, I get to ask them “why is it important to be here today?”:

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