GrokTV – 2nd Amendment Rally at NH State Capital: NH Rep JR Hoell

by Skip

While NH State Rep Al Baldasaro led off the 2nd Amendment Rally on Saturday, NH State Rep JR Hoell also addressed the crowd and I caught up with him afterwards for a quick interview on his take of HB135 and the Democrats wishing to strip away the ability of NH Citizens to defend themselves where ever they might legally be at any time.

Home of the “Brave”?  NH Democrats may well be ready to redefine “Brave” – instead of being willing to protect yourself, loved ones, and property, Democrats truly believe that you have the responsibility to run away.  The wussification of America continues – after all, we have the Obamessiah to watch over us (or as former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) called Obama, our Protector-in-Chief; who knew that Helicopter One was equipped for BHO to fast-rope down to save you!):

SideNote: Grokster Rick reports from the HB135 hearings held today.

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  • Van

    Proud to say that I worked hard to get JR elected and re-elected. Great job JR!!!

  • C. dog e. doG

    Clearly, the lily-hearted Libs took to heart the mockingly derisive call to “run away” in the Monty Python’s “Holy Grail”. It would be funny if they didn’t have the power to tighten further the binds that bond us.
    – C. dog


    Hoell’s a Democrat? That’s what it says in your video.

    Skip sounds like a girl . . .


    Nice music though . . . “sleep with one eye open . . . gripping your AK tight . . . “

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