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Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally, Or SOCIALISM

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Riffing off Skip’s quote from George Will about limited government not being in the business of imposing its opinions of virtue upon the citizenry, I was reminded of an author I met at CPAC two years ago, whose thesis is simply stated in the title of this post (and his book).

What Kevin Miller says is that the national (Federal) government’s job, as created by the citizens and states, is to maintain our inalienable rights and freedoms, while the job of we the people is to maintain a virtuous society through local and voluntary organizations, including charities and churches. In other words, we should maintain our values and virtues as near to home as possible, and forcibly tell the Federal government that it has no business inventing and enforcing new “virtues”, such as green energy, upon us. Here’s the author, interviewed by Townhall:

There’s also a chapter by chapter discussion on Vimeo.
The price of liberty is eternal vigilance against government encroachment!