Free Advice For Chairman Horn – Part II

by Skip

OK, perhaps some might think we are piling on tonite – well, sometimes, that’s just what happens.  Besides, as bloggers, this past Saturday was like finding a field full of gold nuggets.  Sure, we do have fun doing some of this (after all, none of us get paid, not even me, and if you aren’t being paid, you’d better be having fun) but it is a lot of “seriousness” wrapped in that “fun”.  Sometimes, though, it’s just a having an observation thrown into your face by someone else.

This time, by new NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn.  Being a State Committee Member, I was on both her email list and Andrew’s – dualing messages.  Well, given her victory, she sent out one last email from her JenniferForGOPChair account (as it will be next time). And had a facepalm moment.  After all, one of the Big Three “issues” of this campaign was Unity (“I can create this!”), another was Technology (“I can write and deploy this!”), and the biggest, in my mind, was Messaging (“I can articulate a convincing story”).  Messaging – to differentiate the NH GOP from the NH Democrats. Messaging – to give a clear and obvious choice. Messaging – to articulate the differences.

Difference.  Kinda hard to do, though, when you use their words their way, ma’am!  My immediate response to friends was:

>> And Now We Move Forward!

 PLEASE tell me that she really has no idea what she just said… copying the Obama campaign slogan “FORWARD!”

 FORWARD! – the slogan of Marxists and Socialist from time eternal.

And of course, ANY time I see that word used by the Dems and Progressives, I immediately fill in the rest of the blank “to what?  to where?”.  It’s always just “forward” – no details beyond standard blithering.  But sheesh, Louise….and she campaigned on “messaging”?  Right out of the box?  Welcome back to the “every word is gonna get scrutinized whether it is at the top of the email, or the bottom”.  Yup, there’s another “attention to detail” item at the bottom (text only, emphasis mine):

 ——– Original Message ——–
Subject:     And Now We Move Forward!
Date:     Mon, 28 Jan 2013 10:04:06 -0500
From:     Jennifer Horn <>
Reply-To:     Jennifer Horn <>
To:     Skip Murphy <>

Jennifer Horn

From The Desk of Jennifer Horn
Dear Friends,

I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.  I look forward to earning your trust and faith each day as we move forward together.

We have much work ahead of us.  We must remain ever vigilant in our efforts to hold accountable the big-spending, big-government agenda of our state’s Democratic leaders.  We must begin today to rebuild our efforts in order to be successful at the ballot box in 2014.

I look forward to working closely with all of you to win back the House, regain our seats in the Senate, reclaim the corner office and send principled Republicans back to Congress.

The core values of our party are the same principles upon which our great nation was founded.  It is our responsibility as Republicans to fight to preserve those principles and provide leadership that is rooted in them as well.  I look forward to working closely with all of you in the days ahead.

best wishes,

PS  this email account will be shut down today.  Please direct future communications to
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Did you see the second item?

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