Free Advice For Chairman Horn

Newly minted NHGOP Chair, Jennifer Horn

I may not have supported Jennifer Horn’s run for NHGOP chair, but I congratulate her on the win and her success means a lot to me, and to many folks who would like nothing more than for the GOP to rejuvenate itself and start winning elections with candidates of principle. In her quest, she will be ably assisted by JP Marzullo, a great campaigner and speaker in his own right, Diane Bitter, who is one of the most organized people in the party, and a superb event planner, Fran Wendelboe, and others.

2012 NHGOP Finance Chair Jim Foley

HOWEVER, if Jennifer is to outraise and outspend the Democrats, she will have to do better for Finance Chair than Jim Foley, who has made clear his disdain, not just for bloggers, but for actually holding fundraisers. People who have worked with Jim this past year have experienced extreme frustration in their attempts to set up events and raise money for the party, because Jim believes that fundraisers are a waste of time and resources, and that the party faithful should just pony up. How’d that work out in 2012, eh?

Former gubernatorial candidate, and first rate fundraiser, Kevin Smith

In the other corner, I’d like to propose someone who has proven his ability to run an organization, is phenomenally successful at lobbying around the State House, and really knows how to throw a great fundraiser – as a bonus, he’s a supporter of Jennifer’s chairmanship. I refer, of course to Kevin Smith, formerly of Cornerstone, and most recently a gubernatorial candidate.
Free advice is often worth what you pay for it, but Finance chairs who disdain fundraisers aren’t worth a lot, either.

About Mike

Mike is a British import of more than 30 years, who was a conservative in the days of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. A staunch constitutionalist, Mike espouses all good causes toward the libertarian side of conservative - EG he who governs least, governs best. He believes that the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights mean what they say, and that candidates for office should take their oaths of office seriously. Here to defend, without irony "Your rights as Englishmen from distant and tyrannical government", Mike knows whereof he speaks and exhorts all US citizens to live, breathe and teach our history and our constitution.

  • nhcitizen

    If Kevin is such a great fundraiser, why did Cornerstone have no money when he left?

    • Good question, unless they used every penny to make a difference in Concord.
      She could also do worse than to bring back Bill Binnie, an excellent motivator.