Endorsement – JP Marzullo for NH GOP Vice-Chair

by Skip

JP MarzulloAll organizations need a Number Two person, and at this place in time for the the NH GOP, a good one is needed indeed. Someone who knows the people, knows the groups, and knows the nuts-and-bolts of both the Party as well as campaigns to help regain the House, the Executive Council, the corner office, and hold the Senate.  This person needs to know how to ,  Thus, we are endorsing JP Marzullo for the Vice-Chair position.  He knows what it takes to make this a successful position having worked himself upwards from Selectman, rebuilding the Contoocook Valley Republican Committee as Chair, and serving on the Executive Board as the NH GOP Area 3 Vice-Chair.

He knows what to do to build up the Party organization on the inside and knows what is needed to work inside of a campaign.  He knows how to reach out to the factions within the Party and in doing so, has the ability to lead the Party if so called upon.  As with anyone that GraniteGrok endorses, he is a principled candidate.

We ask for your vote for him on Saturday at the NH GOP Annual meeting for NH GOP Vice-Chair

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