Endorsement – Diane Bitter for NH GOP Secretary

Diane BitterI have known Diane for a number of years now and was quite some time before I even knew that she was involved in Republican Party activities.  At that time, she was not an “out front” person – but she was the person “that made things and events work”.  If someone asked her to carry out a task, that was the last time it had to be mentioned – it was done, done on time, and done right.  She also started to do the overall organizing and overseeing of events – and each was as meticulously planned and executed as if it was the earlier single tasks.  Soon, she had teams of folks aiding her – each adopting her techniques to pull things off flawlessly.

And that is how I know of Diane – an organizer par excellance.  Then I found out that she was also the new (at the time) Rye Republican Town Chair and resurrected a moribund organization with a single digit membership to a vibrant organization now with a membership in triple digits.  She also was the NH GOP area vice-chair and is currently the Assistant Secretary for the NH GOP.  She is also the co-founder of the Seacoast Liberty Network  and is active in the Seacoast Republican Women – an activist inside and outside of the Party.

You can also take this to the GraniteGrok bank: she has the Principles to back up those actions.  This is a lady that knows that Republican Principles, and puts them to action every day; ’nuff said.

She is the epitome of the phrase “if you want something done, give it to a busy person” – and does it with integrity.