Disappointing Ayotte Vote

by Don

The following is the letter I sent to Senator Ayotte after hearing of her vote today on the Democrat proposal to amend the Bush Tax cuts, H.R. 8.

Dear Senator Ayotte,

I am disappointed by your vote today to extend only part of the Bush tax cuts.  Democrats and the media will claim that Senate Republicans who voted for this have just confirmed everything the Democrats have falsely claimed about the Bush tax cuts for ten years, that they are just for the wealthy and that they caused the fiscal crisis.  This vote hides thie benefits of the Bush tax cuts on the middle class and the Democrats will just continue to lie about them.

This deal does NOTHING to address our country’s real problem, over spending.  And, it continues to support  counterproductive wasteful, costly Democrat programs.

For ten years the Democrats claimed the Clinton tax rates were the right ones, so why not just let us return to them so people can feel the difference in their wallets?

And, no matter what the pain, we must have real and significant spending cuts.  What real, immediate spending cuts are in this deal??  None that I can see.

I am very disappointed in your vote.  It was the easy vote, but I thought you were much better than that and that you would put the real needs of our coutnry ahead of the easy thing.


Don Ewing


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