Democrat Civility Infects NHGOP – Sharleene Hurst Loses It – TWICE!

by Mike

Sharlene Unchained, AND camera-shy!

Unchained, unhinged, you be the judge!
Upon entering the Bedford High School Lobby this morning, Sharleene Hurst immediately accosted Diane Bitter and started screaming. Bystanders separated them, but one little display of “Democrat Civility” wasn’t enough for erstwhile State Rep Sharleene Hurst. Nooooo…. After biding her time, our fearless crusader marched up to a sign up board for Diane Bitter (running for NHGOP Secretary) while the sign appeared to be unattended and scrawled an insult across the center of the board. Unfortunately for our queen of civility, two witnesses observed Sharleene’s work of art. SHAME on you, Ma’am!

Sharleene’s idea of ‘Art’

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  • Pam

    Mike, what’s the back story to this.

    • I’ll get the whole thing in due course, but apparently Sharleene wanted a committee position in her county, and resented being told to file papers and get elected like everyone else. Several folks told us she was known to be a little ‘erratic’, and nobody from her area was much surprised by her behavior today.

    • Pam, they never asked me for a back story. This is pure slander. Diane does not even have the decency to say anything to my face. She “charmed” a weak minded man into posting this on the internet instead. See how Diane Bitter treets fellow Republicans. Most of the people on this are from the Rye Committee.

      • Actually Skip was right next to the booth; and after you were caught writing on Diane’s sign they took a picture. I doubt Diane had anything to do with it… unless she made you right that…Diane has always treated me with kindness and respect πŸ™‚

        • I think she just slandered Diane itter

          • As opposed to the way you have slanderd me??

          • I’m I didn’t make any sense of that, did anyone else? No? I didn’t think so either.

  • She wrote right over my signature! Typical Jennifer Horn Supporter. Really disappointed.

    • Its the type of Unity we expect from Horn Supporters.

      • The only unity problem I see is comming from people like YOU!

        • granitegrok

          Really? Accosting someone who is simply standing there is the new definition of Unity? How nice – wonder how long that will take for Webster’s to pick that up?

          And let’s also add defacing property that does not belong to you – that’s a lovable sign of affection and of Unity? And remember, we were at the next table over when you decided to “drop that love” on Diane….

          • You obviously have not been reading my responses or perhaps Diane is actually WRITING the responses- someone just told me this is her web site- maybe you should take a few minutes and actually READ MY OTHER RESPONSES to understand what is going on.

          • granitegrok

            ” someone just told me this is her web site”

            Hahahahaha – and you actually believed them? Let’s add gullible in addition to clueless and not able to take self-responsibility for her actions (or to be blunt – lying and denying that she did the actions that caused this post to be put up in the first place).

            No, Diane does not own this blogsite. While we have put up a couple of guest posts (I think), she is not an author here.

            Obviously, you have failed to do your homework. We have now progressed from giggling to tittering in your general direction.

          • Well, It seems to work, besides, I get plenty of responses that way. Also, you lemmings are ones to comment on people not doing homework. If the rest of this website is as poorly sourced as this page, you should end your “tittering” and crawl back into the journalistic sewer you ooozed out of.

        • I only unite with true believers πŸ™‚

          • “True Believers”? what does that meen? Are we becoming like Obamocrats, expecting all our followers to march in lock-step like robots, never deviating from the “Party doctrine”? Members must score 100% on the issues questionairre or they must be banned from all political participation? If you question any of our leaders, we will destroy you? I don’t know about you, Joe but I am old enough to remember the Cold War and the Soviet Union. I thought the Republican Party and Conservatives in general are OPPOSED to that kind of thinking here. That is what we are trying to FIGHT against.

          • Yes you are becoming like obamacrats. Winning elections doesnt mean you have act more like a democrat. That seems to be the common belief; any way I wasn’t referring to political beliefs I was referring to something far greater. And I also remember the cold war. We won. Right now we are LOSING, and putting a LOSER in charge of the party isn’t going to change that; likely to make it worse. I will not support Jennifer Horn. I think she is divisive and incompetent. Anyone who supported her did so without reason. Maybe they were bullied I suppose..

          • I am not the one acting like a Democrat. I do not launch attacks on Republicans on buplic media! As for chairman, I would support our chair no matter WHO had won the election! I like Cliff Hurst and would have l LOVED to haved seen him run and if YOUR candidate had won, I would be perfactly perpared to back him 100%!

        • Oh dear, not “You People” again

    • unfair generalization, Joe.
      This person seems to be a special ‘case’.

      • I guess we DO have an immagration problem in this Country. George Washington and the ORIGIONAL Patriots had the RIGHT idea! Incase you did not know, in the United States, we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. That meens that I should beable to have words with someone without someone slandering me all over the internet. I might expect this behaivior from Obama, or the Democrats, but to think Republicans would do it to each other, well it DID start with the same people MY ANCESTORS traveled an ocean to get away from! Perhaps you forgot why we fought 2 wars to get RID people like you! Nasty!

        • granitegrok

          For a person who was picking a fight with Diane and then defaced her property, this is EVAH so rich. Do you realize what a buffoon you are making yourself right now? we simply bring The Flashlight and note what YOU did, and then comment on it.

          Perhaps you need to read the definition of “ciber bullying” (snicker)

          • If you had a problem with me, I was THERE, AT THE STATE CONVENTION, for the ENTIRE DAY. You could have pulled me aside, and said someting to me at ANY TIME! I never left the building, even eatint lunch there. Wouldtnt that be the proper way to handle an IN PARTY DISPUTE? After all, I didn’t take my problem with Diane to a public forum. I did not go behind her back, or take it on line, I went right to her face and told her what I thouht. She refused to play honestly with me. Then she used this forum to make it public. I found out 11 days later by sheer luck.

          • Scott Morales

            So then you decided to rekindle the near dormant embers of an issue you evidently aren’t happy about, to bring more attention to it? Odd strategy.

          • Rekindle?! You meen DEFEND MYSELF? Yea, I don’t sit back like France and take it where it says “exit only”! And it is hardly dormant. People have been getting calls about it as late as yesturday. Thats how I found out. If you keep telling people to look, eventually it will get back to the person you are attacking, dummy.

          • Scott Morales

            Wait, if my math is right, you posted this reply to my comment at about 3:30 in the morning!? Wow. (btw “dummy”? Classy. Given your rant, I expect nothing more)

          • We did try to confront you and ask what was up, but you ran and hid, then ducked and weaved when we tried to get a photo.

          • When was this? I was in my chair a long time. I was also out in the hallway by my self. The only person I was trying to avoid was your WIFE. She was IMPOSSIBLE to talk to. I noticed the guy with the camera real soon after I had words with Diane, so the plans for this article were ALREADY in the works and I stood alone and aproachable MANY TIMES.

          • In your chair, in the auditorium would e one place WE chose not to make a scene.

          • So we could have stepped out. People DO that…ALL the TIME. If you have been around as long as you SAY you have been, you would KNOW that.

          • granitegrok

            Hard to do – you ran away in embarrassment (or self-assured incompetence, as I can’t tell which) at such a speed you make Obama’s California high speed bullet train look like a kiddy’s ride-em choo-choo toy.

          • I didn’t run anywhere. I was there the whole day.

          • “ciber bullying” yeah btw Sharleene, we don’t grade for spelling or grammar.

          • Yea, I had a remark in here about the grammar thing last night Rick. I don’t appologize for the superficial things. I am a product of the Massachucetts School System. There ain’t a whole lot you can to about it.

        • Bubbles

          Honey, take a real deep breath and a lude. You’ll feel better.

          • Are you kidding, I’m just warming up! I save my best stuff for the liberals on Yahoo! If someone is going to kick ME, I am going to DEFEND myself!

          • even when you’re wrong?

        • It is not I who misses the point, my camera-shy ‘friend’.Β 
          “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”
          That includes letting your comments stand here.
          What I do not subscribe to is yelling and screaming in a most uncivil manner at one of the hardest-working party supporters in this state.
          What I especially will not suffer is the mistaken idea that defacing another person’s property somehow constitutes free speech. You see, Sharleene, you are entitled to say what you want, to write what you want, to pay to advertise what you want, and to walk around wearing a billboard that screams (opponent) is a two faced bitch.
          What you are not entitled to do is to commit acts of vandalism.

          Thanks, and have a nice day.

          • You didn’t even have the decency to ask permission to take my photo or tell me what it was for. The liberal press would do atleast that much. You tell me what is worse. A ruined 1$ vanity keepsake poaster board sign that can be folded up and never seen, designed to flatter one person’s ego or an anonymous internet campaign to humiliate and distroy a fellow Republican because big, powerfull Diane didn’t get to frame her little keepsake. Today it’s me. Tomarrow it will be someone else. What if someday, YOU make her mad? And I am not photo shy. My photo is right HERE!

          • granitegrok

            You were in a public place and you are a public person – no permission is needed. It matters not WHAT you thought of that board, it was not your’s and you now admit to defacing it. The fact that you disagree with its purpose has NOTHING to do with the fact that you vandalized it.

            Your obsession with Diane and her “little keepsake” is now bordering on the bizarre. A good Conservative would have left well enough alone and kept their mitts off what didn’t belong to them. The Right to Private Property is supposed to be sacrosanct -you acted like a petulant Democrat in your small episode of “silencing other peoples’ speech – where was your respect for those that signed that in their free speech of advocating for Diane. You KNEW that once you defaced that board, it would be taken down.

            Should I start doing the same to each and every one of your posts here? Or just random ones? Or would you accuse me then of silencing your speech (just as you did to her supporters? After all, I OWN this blogsite – should I not have the right to do with it as I please?

            Or are you going to insist, just as you did on Diane’s sign, that Private Property is of no account as long as YOUR speech is heard?

            How is THAT modeling how a Good Conservative should act? Or just a “Sharleene Conservative”?

          • If I am obsessed, why are YOU going on about it? The only reason I respond is because I have the right to defend myself. YOU won’t let it go. I didn’t silence ANYONE’S SPEECH. You could have TOLD ME OFF at any time that day. I was at the Convention ALL DAY! Freedom of speech comes with RESPONSIBLITY. We talk abut the vicious way in which the liberal media sandbags Republicans with nasty, onesided attacks and how Democrats bombard us with negative propaganda threw the media and internet. We keep wishing we had MORE ways to combat this, by creating our own forums. When we finally do, what do we get? So called “conservitives” like you who would ratter attack othe Republicans? How does that fight the liberals, again? Where are your priorities? and atleast I am using my REAL NAME, not hiding behind a logo.

          • granitegrok

            By defacing that which was not yours, that placard in which other people were “speaking” on behalf Diane, you did indeed silence that speech. You were told off by Diane once, then you came back for the sign.

            That says a lot for your sense of responsibility – a total #FAIL to keep your hands to yourself. You started that action, you caused that action, and now you are sore because you got caught. We caught you and you are mad as hell that unlike Diane, we like making sport of people that are too dense to understand what they do to themselves.

            Go ahead, create your own forum – nobody is stopping you except yourself.

            Fighting? You attacked one of the hardest working Conservatives in the Party – Diane. If you had showed self-restraint at the Meeting, this post would have NEVER have gone up. But you just couldn’t do that, could you? You just couldn’t keep walking by and into the auditorium, could you? You refused to control yourself (or was that COULDN’T!) and came back and decided that YOUR emotions trumped her Right to Private Property – just like Progressives.

            Blame’s all yours, my dear. You attacked – we merely have her six, cyberwise. What you did was “no little thing” – again, stop with the kiddie defense of “but look what Janie did” and own up to what you did.

          • I stood up to someone who stepped on several other members of the Party. That is what I did. The others wouldn’t because they were afraid of something like…I don’t know…THIS happening to them…WOW, silly me! I THOUGHT I was in America. I thought the Republican Party was ABOVE this kind of thing. Did President Obama sneek in here somewhere? Is he hiding behind a certain pulling strings somewhere? And you are making this about some 1$ peice of cardboard? That still doesn’t excuse trashing a fellow Republican on the internet when you could have worked it out within Party ranks. You never tried. I am probably not the only Republican you do this to, and this does not help the Party. You only help liberals by targeting Republicans. We should be working together.

          • some people are difficult to work with.

          • Sometimes you have to ACTUALLY try to work with me, instead of ignoring me or stepping on me. I have a decades of experience, and I know how to run campaigns.

          • You don’t need permission. And the signatures added value to the poster. It’s priceless. It’s about remembering the occasion, kind of like when I had people sign my yearbook in high school. I wouldn’t want someone to deface my yearbook.

          • I am fighting liberal Democrats out here for the future of our Country and you are talking about your high school yearbook?! No wonder we can’t win elections! If you are that petty, maybe you should find another pastime. Try getting off your gilded lilly and joining us real Republicans in the trenches for a while and maybe you’ll learn what’s REALLY important!

          • When you are in public your permission is not required

          • That is what tabliod photogs, and liberal journalists say.

        • Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you’re allowed to deface someone’s property.

        • It is not I who misses the point, my camera-shy ‘friend’.
          “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” That includes letting your comments stand here.
          What I do not subscribe to is yelling and screaming in a most uncivil manner at one of the hardest-working party supporters in this state. What I especially will not suffer is the mistaken idea that defacing another person’s property somehow constitutes free speech. You see, Sharleene, you are entitled to say what you want, to write what you want, to pay to advertise what you want, and to walk around wearing a billboard that screams is a two faced bitch. What you are not entitled to do is to commit acts of vandalism.

          Thanks, and have a nice day.

          • The response I made to this yesturday seems to have been deleted somehow. I wasn’t guilty about anything, I just don’t like strange men skulking around taking my photo with bizzar sneers on thier faces. Most women don’t. It is creepy.

          • We wouldn’t delete your writing – illiteracy is part of the fun.

    • Joe, you get disapointed real easy. You could have asked for my side of the story before you passed judgement on me or took Diane’s word for it. Before you pass judgement on me, explain to me why Diane and her cronies only work against Republicans, and not Democrats? All she ever does is run candidates against her so called “establishment” Republicans. All those people ever turn out to be are people Diane can’t manipulate. Next thing you know, she’ll label Me an “establishment” Repubilcan. Plus, most of you guys who are cyber bullying me are Rye Repubs. That doesn’t look good.

      • That statement is unfounded. I’m not from rye.

      • Sharleene, you keep asserting that we could have asked you for “your side” Fact is, there really isn’t a side for you…1) You were witnessed defacing a campaign sign that was not your to deface; 2) You wrote, “Two-faced bitch” on it; 3) We noted the behavior, documented it and commented as we do, have done and will continue to do. Fact is, the comment was un-classy. Regardless of whatever drama and white noise too place in the background, the focus was your behavior….which was unacceptable.

  • Aside from the fact she made multiple efforts to duck us from taking her picture, we succeeded! LMAO

    • It is a little strange when some sweaty fat guy is standing there with a strange smile on his face obsessivly snapping your picture, so yes, I looked away. Most normal women would. And Rick, antipersperant- not just an option. It really works! Also, the comb over is NOT working for you…it looks creepy. Just trying to help.

      • granitegrok

        ” fat”

        Glass and stone, ma’am, glass and stones….

        Besides, ‘perps’ generally don’t like their mug shots either……

        • Yea, I know I am fat, and I enjoyed every little calorie! It takes one to know one! I am not guilty, I just don’t like weirdo’s taking my picture. Especially if I don’t know why. Who know’s what you did with it before you poasted it. You look like the creepy type who still lives in his Mom’s basement and keeps a dirty sock for “companionship”. You should put that thing in the laundry once in a while!

          • granitegrok

            Are you saying that you did NOT verbally assault Ms. Bitter? Are you saying that you did NOT deface her personal property?

            You know, everything you write is exactly how my kids used to react – deflect, deflect, and deflect some more.

            We were there RIGHT NEXT TO HER TABLE? Are you calling us liars?

          • I had words with a woman who userped a county election and stepped on SEVERAL MEMBERS in several towns to do it! If you were at the STATE CONVENTION, and had a problem with with what I did, why didn’t you act like a man and discuss it with me there and then FACE TO FACE like I did with Diane? Instead you act like a sniviling coward and blast me anonimously on the INTERNET! I was at the Convention ALL DAY!

          • granitegrok

            As was pointed out – we did and you ran away like a guilty person would. And I, and the other Groksters, were among the very last to leave after breaking down all our equipment. We had two large banners at our table that was located NEXT TO DIANE’S. The only way you could miss us was to be obtusely and deliberately blind.

          • GOD you people are impossible. You are like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. You harp on a stupid littie issue that I ansured houres ago and miss the big point. Ciber bullying is a WAY bigger issue than ANY THING I did at the State Convention. I am talking about how we should unify the Party and you are still on trying to trash Me. What a bunch of idiots. It shows where your priorities really lie.

          • granitegrok

            No, it is not. What you did was ACTUAL bullying in the physical world. You got right up in her face, destroyed her property, and call it “no big thang”.

            This post was up 10 days ago and we left it alone after that – you came in and re-ignited it all over again so you have NO one to blame but yourself.

            You know that old saying “Don’t pick a fight with someone that buys ink by the barrel”?

            Congratulations – and we do this for fun!

          • What, putting candidates against other Republicans, taking over peoples events, coopting elections and taking over officer’s positions, and getting all her buddies to gang up on the one person who stands up to her and slam her on the internet, that is not BULLYING? I didn’t re-ignite this, I just found out about it. I am just defending myself. As for you, tough guy, if you wanna have some fun with this honey badger, you’d better bring a pair..join me on Yahoo sometime and help me trash the libs. If you think I was rough on you guys, They get it a lot worse! We should be working TOGEATHER!

          • I’m calling BS on that one. SLANDER!

          • What BS, were you even THERE? I told you the TRUTH. And how is it SLANDER to call a LOGO a SNIVILING COWARD for not having the courage to discuss this to my face? YOUR kind of behaivior is the exact definition of weak, wimpy, empty-sack, dis-honerable behavior unbecoming of officers, or men of any sort! It is an example of a group of mostly men waging a sneek attack on an older woman for speeking up for other women in the Party. You thought I was too week or intimidated to stand up for myself and would melt away like some wilted little daisy. You can call me all sorts of names, honestly I have heard everything. Ive been called everything (inapropriatly) from “honey” and “sweet heart” to “nut-job”(usually by libs), bi%$#, and c#@&. You SEE that I am a lot tougher than I look…and that’s good for YOU. Incase you havn’t noticed, this whole thing could make you look like a bunch of SEXIST KNUCKLE DRAGGERS…now I KNOW YOU AREN’T, but if were a real bi%$#, I could easilly spin it that way. Or if I MISUNDERSTOOD, and did’nt know some you well enough to know better. I won’t. I do not believe that is your intent. What you need to know is there HAVE been misunderstandings, during primary elections, state Party elections, etc… This is because others set you up to look that way. Dont’ let someone manipulate you into diong thier dirty work for them. Even if they get you to THINK it is YOUR idea. Us gals learn how to do that at an early age from our mothers. It is all part of “managing men’. (Ask your mother or wife for more details) If you fall for that trick chances are you’ll take the fall and they will walk away smelling like a rose.

          • Susan

            ‘It is an example of a group of mostly men waging a sneek attack on an older woman for speeking up for other women in the Party’. Under no circumstances do you speak for me, sister.

            As a ‘gal’ Grokster, I would posit that regardless of your gender, you are embarrassment to yourself and to whatever party you have chosen to align yourself.

          • wait wait wait I thought YOU were the one that ‘attacked’ the older woman. I know Diane looks fantastic for her age but she’s definitely your senior. For Shame. We can do a face to face when I’m in New Hampshire. AND the democrats have already thanked us for making jen horn chair

          • C. dog e. doG

            Is it still technically libel if you incorrectly spell a specious clame?
            – C. dog dotting his eyes

          • She did NO SUCH THING.

          • granitegrok

            I had several Republicans from your area tell me that you were “too stupid to fill out the paperwork” to run – and this is nothing but a personal hissy fit on your part. Once again, blaming someone else for your own failings? THAT’S twhat a good Republican does, isn’t it Sharleene?

          • honestly? I’d love to live in my mom’s basement….its nice and it would be a lot cheaper than the mortgage, taxes and insurance paid for Real Estate in Manch.

            You have become pretty visceral attacking personal appearance, but I doubt you would know me if you ran into me. And since we’re having a conversation about appearances and, “YOU,” I would ask you… Have you looked in the mirror, Sharleene? That hairstyle, popularized by the 80’s band, “Flock of Seagulls” went out with 8-track and penny-loafers in the late 80’s The look is a little dated as is that hair coloring. But not to worry…a good stylist can fix you right up.

            And the name, “Sharleene”? Why not “Charlene?” Why the Trailer park spelling as opposed to the more traditional spelling? just curious…Based on your posts, I understand you are challenged by spelling…I misspell stuff all the time because of my FAT fingers, so I completely understand. and just in the off-hand do you have any good advice for other women on how to manage facial hair? That is an important topic in such a vain society where the focus is so heavily on personal appearance…would you not agree?

          • OH NO a jim foley reference

          • Hay, the 80’s were a GREAT decade! We had Ronnie in office, and the music was good, and I WASN’T FAT! You should also not knock trailerparks, alot of those folks are conservative! You can blame my mom for the crazy a#@ spelling of my name. I know, it s%^&. Do you KNOW how much a good stylist COST? Wait until your sock wears out and you have to get a REAL wife! Hair color is CHEAPER by the BOTTLE! And as for my hair style, sorry but it is the best my arthritic hands can manage. What can I say, I am a Conservative, I HATE to waste money! As for the facial hair problem, what do you for your back hair? I was going to try an epilator for the fem-stash and maybe a jack hammer for that side burn problem.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Now that was funny, and thrifty.

          • Well I’m sure Rick doesn’t like taking pictures of Wierdos either.

        • ah, fat…not a big deal…I am fat…not as fat as I once was…but still damn good looking.

        • oh I was thinking teapots and kettles….

      • wow, I think you have me confused with your secret admirer…I was one who was not chasing after you for photos. Tried but gave up.

  • Sharleene Hurst is not and never has been a Democrat. You can’t blame the Democrats for her misbehavior.

    I will say that Democratic state conventions can be lively affairs. I have been to many of them, and seen all sorts of strange stuff there— but I have never seen anyone scribbling insults on other Democrats’ signage.

    • RIck Olson

      Timmy….we said she was acting like a DemocRAT….not that she was a democRAT…

      • Atleast I don’t cyber-bully other Republicans. Nice one, pal, who are you again? Where are you from? Rye, maybe? And Timothy, exactly how many Democratic Conventions are you ATTENDING? Because if you ARE a Democrat, your opinion meens NOTHING to me. I would like to use this space to tell Diane Bidder, The snobs on the Rye Republican Committee and the Democrat on this forum to please stop bad mouthing Republicans and deviding our Party with phony claims about anit- conservative conspiracies. You are hurting the Party, driving good people out and keeping us from unifying. There is too much at stake.

        • granitegrok

          The lady that you accosted, and whose property YOU defaced (all on your own – YOU decided to commit a really bad deed) is named Diane Bitter.

          Yo, Sharleene – we are NOT Republicans simply to put an “R” after our name. We do so ONLY because its stated philosophy fits us as Conservatives better than the Democrats. From a practical standpoint, what is written oft does not match what is spoken (or as you have shown us by your own actions) or “actioned”.

          • If your’e promoting conservatives, You have done a lousy job in New Hampshire. If you havn’t noticed, We have a Democratic LIBERAL Legislature,and Governor. I RAN as a CONSERVATIVE candidate! I am PRO GUN, PRO LIFE AND PRO BUSINESS! The problem with CERTAIN conservative groups is that they demand that conservatives adhere to ALL their political positions, which is IMPOSSIBLE for most people. If you don’t, you get labled as some thing other than conservative and they don’t want you. I LOVE this Party! I WANT it to SUCCEED! The only way it will is if we stop doing garbage to eachother like this and start trying to unify! And as for Diane, I told her off because she userped the Rockingham County Elections and stepped all over SEVERAL PEOPLE when she did. Rather then work out her differences person to person, she had some guy anonymously take photographs of my, and another (who admitedly never knew the story)write the above slam article and post them here. That shows her character

          • granitegrok

            Oh, I GET it now – you accuse her of malfeasance….

            …Which gives you the REAL Green light to act like a street thug: in her face and rendering her private property unusable for the purpose it was intended.

            Er, that is acting like a Conservative……how?

            BTW, Diane sent NO ONE to take your picture – he did that one on his own so we could post the picture of the vandal (for that is what you did – vandalize someone else’s property) who decided that (from your present words) Conservatives have the Right to deface other peoples’ property simply because the vandal (that would be you) disagreed with Diane.

            For doing vandalism is SUCH a great portrayal of Conservatism and Republicanism , isn’t it my dear? Glad to see that you have decided that you are the PERFECT poster child for this new definition of both.

          • “MY dear”? WHO uses such language patterns? It sounds SO farmiliar…LIKE someone we ALL know SO well…Lets look at the TRUTH; You are angry because I openly disagreed with you, and someone wrote something negitive on a peice of paper that was supposed to be a symble of your POPULARITY. Because your little vanity keepsake is ruind, You are out for blood. Because someone stood up to you, your out for blood! You are acting like a psyco prom queen on acid! I do not undermine other women, or find candidates to run against good Republicans under the guise of wanting to elect conservatives. I support GOOD REPUBLICANS because I want to ELECT Republicans, not put people in to office that I think I can manipulate like YOU do!

          • granitegrok

            I have NO idea who you think I am, but I am not Diane. You can’t even tell when someone is MOCKING you, can you?

            So you now admit to committing an act of vandalism, yes? That you despoiled someone else’s property for your own selfish emotion – of low based revenge. This is what you wish to hold up as the epitome of being a Good Republican?

            Keep digging – the best is yet to come.

            – Skip
            Skip Murphy

          • Hay skip, you write like a chick! Sorry about the confusion, your 1940ish, feminine romance novel/style post menopausal rant was not what I expected from someone with such a masculine name. You are still going to keep up with the ciber bullying over a peice of 1$ cardboard? Is this how YOU hold up as the epitome of being a GOOD REPUBLICAN? I am talking about ending garbage like undermining fellow Republicans, and pulling garbage like this and you are going on about a peice of CARDBOARD? I want to EXPAND the Party and end devisive activities and you rant about a peice of CARDBOARD? WHAT is WRONG with you?

          • granitegrok

            trust me – this is NOT classified as cyber-bullying. Remember – YOU caused the initial scene, then compounded it with the vandalism, and then came here to reignite it.

            It is NOT about “just a piece of cardboard” – any Republican worth a spit’s worth of morals would understand it is about the Principle that you violated just to boost your own sense of self-esteem (“See! *I* showed you, Diane”). You acted like an elementary school girl and now you are embarrassed to own up. You acted like a Democrat thug in trying to silence someone you don’t like.

            Then you come here and try to self-justify your bad behavior (of which you still have not taken ownership)?

            Not the mark of an adult, that’s for sure, my dear.

          • I don’t see any adult behavior all around, and attacking individuals on the internet because you want to make them look bad in front of all their peers is the exact definition of ciber-bullying. I am NOT a public person. i LOST my election, hold NO public position and am not currantly planning to seek any. I am, BY DEFINITION a PRIVATE CITIZEN who was volunteering my time to the Party I believe in because I want to help the Party grow. I am just a person.

          • Writing like a chick isn’t so bad…just ask JK Rowling

          • C. dog e. doG

            Shsh, she’s on a role.

          • Yea, I can too, some times. I’m just saying. He confused me.

          • I kinda like the way skip writes. Undermining fellow republicans by publicly defacing their property? that kind of undermining? Calling a fellow republican a two faced B&$*# ? That kind of DIVISIVENESS? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?

          • You are HOPLESS, man. NO one can talk to you.

          • It seems a lot of republicans are acting unconservative, libertarians are looking more and more appealing.

          • There are a few good libertarians left but the Occupy movement is infiltrating there and they are defiately NOT conservative. I met some of these new “libertarians” on Election Day. Scary. Trust me, Republican is still the way to go!

          • uhhh the occupy movement is not comprised of a single libertarian. REPUBLICANS LOSE. I bet I can get a libertarian elected.

          • C. dog e. doG

            They are, after all, the fairest of them all.
            – C. dog chasing lady liberty’s skirt

          • Glad you weighed in with that Sharleene. We here at the GROK do not promote people so much as we promote CONSERVATISM as a brand, a ideal. Simply because one might call him or herself a conservative does not make it so.Likewise, when we endorse people or candidates we have an in-depth look at them.

            In the inverse, you seem to be laying all the fault at our feet for the flip in the legislature. That being the case, that would imply we wield a great deal of power and influence. And its mere political gamesmanship to blame others for failings.

        • Nope, not from Rye…where most of the “Rye-nos” live…not your pal… and yeah, shut up Tim, your opinion, “meens” nothing to Sharleene. I don’t thing the Republican party needs any help from us “deviding” the party. They pull that off with Champagne and cheer quite wistfully themselves. Have a cigarette and a tonic and relax.

  • Fred Rice

    @Tim Horrigan – Sorry, my friend, but Sharleen Hurst WAS INDEED a Democrat several years ago. She had been a Republican, then got PO’d because she disagreed with someone, and switched parties. She apparently stayed on the dark side long enough to learn bad manners, then brought them back to the GOP.

    • Fred, thanks for asking for my side of the story. I would have asked for YOURS before going on the internet about YOU. I thought the Marines taught you about honor. I made a mistake back in 1996. I told you that. I also told you that I have admitted to and corrected that mistake. You know, I ACTUALLY defend you when others say negative things about you. Just thought you should know.

      • you made another one supporting Jennifer Horn πŸ™‚

        • You DO know the State Chairman’s election is over, right? Atleast YOUR candidate got to run. It was an open,fair election. We all TRIED to support JACK. Most of us don’t even know WHY he resigned. The least you can do, is to stop trying to undermine our chairman and other Republicans and spend the effort better by going after the Democratic LIBERALS who are DESTROYING OUR STATE as we speek!

          • My candidate didn’t get to run. (Cliff Hurst) He was forced out much the way Jack was. I don’t have to undermine Horn, she’s doing herself in pretty well as predicted. Can’t say I didn’t warn people. My hands are clean.

      • Fred, Your comment seems a little out of context, now. The one you were responing to seems to have been edited out.

  • Ciber bullying, really? Isn’t this what we are trying to teach our CHILDREN not to do? And I thought we were trying to UNITE our party. Sorry to ALL OF YOU..but NONE of you know the back story and few seem to want to want to hear my side of the story. No one has called me. In 1996 I became angry at the ENTIRE Republican Party, and made an error that I quickly corrected and am glad I did. I do not have BAD manners, Fred, I speak my mind, just like YOU. Exactly like YOU have on SEVERAL occaisions. Because It’s ME it is some how WRONG? I am angry with Diane Bitter because of the way she stepped on SEVERAL members of the Rockingham County Comittee,including sitting officers, to co-opt the election of officers for the Committee. Ever notice how Diane and her friends are always complaining about other Republicans? Ever notice how she and her flunkies always find candidates to run against so called “establishment” candidates? Ever notice how, no matter how much controversey it causes, Diane always comes out smelling like a rose? She gets everyone else to do her dirty work for her, like Mike Rogers and Fred Rice, and Joe Barton, etc. Just like the little rich popular girls in High School. All she cares about is being POPULAR. She doesn’t care about the Party. If she did, she would work against DEMOCRATS, not REPUBLICANS! I don’t really care if I am popular. I love this Party, and I wan’t it to GROW. We need to UNITE and bring in more people of all types. I know FIRST HAND what the Democrats are about and I do not want them running our State! You can call me anything you want, but I won’t stand by silently while people deliberatly cause harm to our party for their personal gain. There is too much at stake!

    • granitegrok

      “Ciber bullying”?

      Er, that would be CYBERBULLYING, right? Just like the gun grabbers, at least get the terminology straight.

      Otherwise, we just giggle.

      • Just like an ignorant bully, he focuses on the letters and not the message. What.. are my ideas too complicated for you? Don’t even TRY to brand me as anti gun, dip-wad! I am pro gun all the way. If you don’t like my spelling, blame the Massachusetts School System. I won’t appologize for the superficial things, it is a non issue~ why don’t you stop slandering Republicans and try doing something GOOD for the Party!

        • granitegrok

          Gurlfriend, I guess I could lay my point on your nose and you’d still miss it. I didn’t call you an anti-gunner at all – as Bubbles said, “take a deep breath” and go re-read it a few more times.

          Maybe then you’ll get it…maybe.

          • If you wanna call me gurlfriend, you better learn to give me some sugar…I do not want to be fighting with other Republicans, but I will not be blind-sided and sit back and take it! We need to unify ALL Republicans. That meens no more infighting. Diane and the rest of you have to try to stop attacking other Republicans! Save it for the Liberals!

          • granitegrok

            We will continue to point out and comment on Republicans that violate the Party Platform. We will continue to point out and comment on Republicans that violate the US and NH Constitution. We will continue to point out and comment on Republicans that act contrary to Conservative values.

            Accosting ANYONE like you did and VANDALIZING other peoples’ property means that you, Sharleene Hurst, are a #FAIL. You can’t even control your own temper, can you?

          • You know, It is time for you guys to get off this already. We have hashed this thing to DEATH! Look, Every Republican, including ME, has a right to speek up when they see someone doing something that HURTS the PARTY! Normally, it should be done WITHIN Party walls. If it is yelling (and it DOES happen), crying, wispering(which isn’t helpfull), etc… airing our differences helps make us strong. What hurts us is when we take our greviances to a PUBLIC FORUM with out making a legitimate effort to resolve it within the party,in a deliberate effort to harm a fellow Repulblican. Today it may be me, but tomarrow it will be someone else.
            As for my temper, You are the ones who started this online public rant over a cheep peice of cardboard. I have given my blood, sweat and tears to this Party. I have sacrificed more than you’ll ever know and have been in it longer than alot of you have been alive! You need to get your priorities in order. Fighting other Republicans is NOT the way to win.

          • who is mad? with seventy-something comments, I’d opine your knickers are in a twist.

          • Listen, fat boy, where my knickers are is none of your business! I wouldnt respond so much if you could learn something! I feel like a special needs teacher accidentally stuck in charge of morgue at the Hospital! No matter how hard you try, it isn’t going to happen! You know, I almost hope the Democrats ARE reading this. I am fighting a public attack, WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE? Tell me, my rotund, sweatty, odd little fellow, are you just enjoying the challange, now?

          • I think we’re all enjoying the entertainment. Hey sharlleene why dont you go deface the democrats property instead of a fellow republicans?

          • Why don’t we all go kick them out of office!

          • Not possible with the current party leadership.

    • Bubbles

      ‘Just like the little rich popular girls in High School’…Really? You poor deluded woman, I think I’d stop now.

      • I am not sure if this is an insult or a statement about Bubbles lack of knowlege about American culture….Ill bet she was taken advantage school…alot…and probably still is!

  • What was it we noted?
    Slow to find something, quick to ‘lose it’.

  • Let me see.
    One public figure picks a fight with another in a public place, doesn’t like being asked to cease and desist (first example of bad behavior being confronted).
    Later, one public figure vandalized property belonging to a second public figure but scurries away upon being asked what she is doing (second insance of bad behavior being confronted).
    The moving finger, having vandalized the sign, moved on, but the story began to write itself. Feeling guilty, the perp ducked attempts at photographs, and belatedly flattered herself by suggesting that male reporters wanted her picture for reasons of lust. Hah!
    Belatedly choosing to add comments to the ‘Grok, our perp goes non-linear, practically making our case for us.
    Mistake #1 making an exhibition of oneself in a public meeting.
    Mistake #2 committing an act of vandalism in front of witnesses.
    Mistake #3 picking a fight with a whole team of bloggers who buy pixels by the barrel.
    Mistake #4 forgetting that said non-linear comments are now OUR property, and we can draw attention to them at any time.

    For the record, both make and female members of this team have known Diane Bitter for a long time, and chose to write the story about the vandalizing of her signup board as a low class attack on a classy person. She did not ask us. She did not need to.

    • First, I was speeking with one individual when I was interupted by a screecing little woman who sounded like a psyco cockny flower girl on acid! Not being able to finish what I was saying over the din of that earl grey overdose, I left.

      Secondly, YOU picked a fight with ME by slamming me on the internet immediatly, INSTEAD of attempting to resolve our differences like MATURE ADULTS by discussing this in person or through Party channels
      Thirdly, I was not informed about this peice of garbage literature for 11 days while aparently members of your group have been informing others everywhere.

      Now you are MAD AT ME because I have finally had a chance to RESPOND and POINT OUT how IDIOTIC you are being? You think you should beable to say nasty things about any one you want but they should not get to DEFEND themselves?
      You are in the WRONG COUNTRY pal. Perhaps you should reconsider why you came here. In this Country Your petagree is WORTHLESS! We DO NOT have a NOBLE class here. I do NOT care WHO your GENTRIED ANCESTORS were! THIS IS AMERICA! If you want to strut around like a white wigged blue blooded snob, looking down your nose at other people, go back to Your old Country. We fought two wars to get rid of people who thought they were better than the masses. My ancesters came here to get AWAY from people like you. In America EVERYONE gets to vote and gets rights. That’s why we have worked for so long!
      uh…by the way…Does your wife know how you really feel about Diane? By the obvious looks of your writings, she may want to.

      • Ah, yes. Mature adults. Ones who start a fight in a public place, and deface property in a public place. Like that? No thanks. You have no idea how many people observed your actions, and couldn’t believe their eyes.
        The original article was a bit sharp, but it was based on what was seen/heard by members of this group. Now we are seeing nothing but ad-hominem ranting.

        Like I said, have at it – you’re writing our story for us.

  • Oh, and Sharleene, thanks for re-opening this peacefully slumbering story.
    Your comments are priceless, and I’ve posted anew and linked back.
    You can have as much publicity as you want to stir up.
    Pixels by he barrel, and all that πŸ™‚

    • C. dog e. doG

      The story literally wrights itself. No fair!
      – C. dog

      • Yes – it’s tempting to pile on, but just a little needling seems to
        be all that’s required.

        It was an unfortunate scene, an unwarranted attack on a friend of the Grok, and we covered it with typical snark. The story slipped off the front page and was sleeping peacefully, indeed most of us had forgotten it, when Sharleene decided to light it up – and the rest,
        as they say is making history.

        You can’t make people like this up – reality is much more bizarre.

        • Actually, Thank you for the credit there Sparky, but all I did was find out about your tabloid style pile of brown eh…hem..”journalism” .. and defend Myself.

  • Some of us are fighting for the future of our Country and State. We do not have time to play popularity contests. I am not here to be Miss Congeniality or Prom Queen. I don’t host tea socials and use suttle manipulations (or “womanly charms” as some people call them) to get my way. I admit to be lacking in many desirable feminine qualities. I make up for it by using my unwomanly inner strength to stand up for the principals I passionatly believe in. I am NOT affraid to speek up if I see someone hurting the Party I love, and not afraid to stand up for myself. I WILL speek my mind, and I EXPECT that we conduct ourselves like mature ADULTS. If all you want to do is sabotage other Republicans, than you are not a true Patriot. It is not about making everyone march in lock step with every issue like brainwashed puppets in an athoritative dictatorship. It is not about worshiping 1 or 2 people like they are the ”great leaders” of our group and we will attack anyone who disagrees with them. This is the kind of thinking we are supposed to be fighting AGAINST in WASHINGTON. The Republican Party is supposed to be a SAFE HAVEN for those of us who want liberty and real hope for a FREE future! We are ALLOWED to raise our voices, and argue and cary on behind Party doors. That is the way it is SUPPOSED to be. You don’t air dirty laundry on the internet behind peoples backs because you want to shut them up or discredit them. You work it out inside the Party. You need to stop attacking fellow Republicans. The Party needs to be more open, and I have no intentions of letting people distroy the Party I love.

    • C. dog e. doG

      You do recognize the inherent contradiction of your last sentence, don’t you? I think a moments reflection will cure a thousand ills. Own up to what you did, then move on.
      – C. dog, Therapist to strays throughout New Hamster

      • I clarified the language for you. I have admited to losing my temper and confronting Diane.

  • Its almost the EXACT same scenario. Nutty woman defacing property in the name of “free speech” only this chick was arrested for it.

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  • Is this the same Sharleene who just got booted from the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire facebook group for her incivility toward liberty-leaning republicans? You don’t say!

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