Democrat Civility Infects NHGOP – Sharleene Hurst Loses It – TWICE!

by Mike

Sharlene Unchained, AND camera-shy!

Unchained, unhinged, you be the judge!
Upon entering the Bedford High School Lobby this morning, Sharleene Hurst immediately accosted Diane Bitter and started screaming. Bystanders separated them, but one little display of “Democrat Civility” wasn’t enough for erstwhile State Rep Sharleene Hurst. Nooooo…. After biding her time, our fearless crusader marched up to a sign up board for Diane Bitter (running for NHGOP Secretary) while the sign appeared to be unattended and scrawled an insult across the center of the board. Unfortunately for our queen of civility, two witnesses observed Sharleene’s work of art. SHAME on you, Ma’am!

Sharleene’s idea of ‘Art’

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