Decay Point: Anesthetized Youth

by Scott Morales

Societal decay desiccates many if not all of its valuable features. Its atrophic crumble can be seen in desolate neighborhoods, abandoned youth, personal irresponsibility, and blithely glib leadership; its fetid smell wafts from spoiled brats, contagious selfishness, meretricious celebrities and the worshiping thereof, and narcissism; and it is heard in cravenous silence and ghoulishly giddy laughter at the harm of the innocent. At its root, its core, the essence of the decay is the culture itself. Never have I imagined what I saw this morning on YouTube would take place, let alone in this country. Maybe it’s naivete; maybe it’s the pervasiveness of information in the modern age, where these things have always occurred throughout my lifetime but previously I never heard about them unless it was local; or maybe it’s how I grew up and such horrors don’t penetrate my mind voluntarily. But what I saw is truly horrifying, not only in the brutal act itself, but the insouciant laughter and jokes that accompanied the images in the video.

The video shows ghostly blurred faces moving about a room at an event that is reported to have occurred in a small town about 40 miles outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the video (I’m not going to link to it, and I pray its a sick joke) the ghostly youthful brats are heard laughing about the rape of a girl while she is passed out. They’re laughing, joking, and giggling about the rape while the rape apparently is still going on or has just concluded.

I’ve seen acts of brutal cruelty before but never accompanied with such sanguine indifference. It’s truly disconcerting. One would imagine or hope there would be someone there to stop it, or at least there would be a craven silence. I’m not sure if it is even the cravenous of some of the people not directly involved and just walking around and filming. To be craven here, one would need to recognize that something evil and wrong is occurring and being just too cowardly to do anything about it. I’m not convinced that the empty souls in the video recognize what they’ve done or witnessed, or if it even dawned on them to ask themselves what’s happening to this person? To this human being? What if she was their sister, mother, grandmother, cousin, wife, girlfriend, friend or future daughter? The absence of violent anger and outrage by the ghosts heard and blurred in the video is execrable and repulsive.

The value intrinsic in Western tradition and morals have been mentioned several times recently on the Grok. One of the points that I think must be made, if not previously, is that the reason traditions, culture, and morals matter and must be handed from generation to generation is so that our society doesn’t suffer from a historic Alzheimers and flail and convulse through the same violent, wretched, and miserable territory our ancestors already cleared. The voice of tradition and history must reverberate throughout all aspects of life and not stifled, silenced, and characterized anachronistic.

Can someone argue that this isn’t a decay point? That spoiled, irreverent youth have always been anesthetized from right and wrong in such a revoltingly repugnant way?

God bless that poor girl.

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