CT State Officials: Only Handguns Were Used in Newtown

by Rick Olson

“History is a set of lies agreed upon.” —Napoleon Bonaparte

NO AR-15, WAS USED IN THE NEWTOWN MASSACRE,  CT Officials are now reporting. Adam Lanza weeks earlier attempted to purchase a rifle but was turned away, however in the background check.  Fact is, Lanza  did kill his Mother to steal her rifle. There were initial reports, right after the shooting, that police found the AR-15 in his car, NOT IN THE SCHOOL. The rifle was not used. The shooter went into the school with 4 handguns, NOT an Assault Rifle as the lame stream media stated ad nauseum.

More to come….

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  • Scott S

    In Senator Feinstein’s dog and pony show, I mean announcement today, they implied an “assault rifle” was used but were careful not to actually say so. They are counting on people assuming the AR-15 was used in this killing.

    • Scott, Issues like this (AR vs. Handgun confusion) are a virtual petri dish for conspiracy theory nuts….I would wager that we will soon see the internet awash with stories about corrupt CT officials covering up, “the truth that handguns, not AR’s were used.” I am still not convinced one way or the other. To convince me, I will need to see a photograph of shell casings on the floor. Despite all that has been said in the media, I honestly do not know if handguns or an AR was used.

  • Van

    Liberal media lies to us ad nauseum and the low information voters AKA LoFoVo(s) just eat the lies right up. I simple don’t believe the liberal media.

    • Van,
      here is the point…. The Media has been saying all along that the children were shot with an AR…Then there were media reports that said No AR was used….only handguns…Then another saying: AR was used…So…since none of us were there, why is it so painfully difficult to simply tell the truth? CT State Police…maintained silence while this back and forth raged on in the media.

      Ignore others here…they are mere gratuitous demagogues….know this…There is a penchance within the media to lie and confuse when people simply want to know whether or not handguns or an AR-15-type rifle was used. So WHY IN THE HELL IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK? see my point?

  • Van

    Dan you were correct. Isn’t is just disgusting how the liberal media just manipulates things?

  • Van

    I just reviewed Dan’s website and it is the official website of the liberal state of CT. I hate being duped either by liberals or good meaning conservatives. Can we get the source for CT State Officials only handguns were used. Now it is possible both Dan’s website and this headline is accurate but the official CT website the Bushmaster was found in the school.

    • It was a CT Coroners report that was taken down within an hour. The only mistake I made was not linking to it….but then again, it would have been a broken link anyhow

  • Thus the brevity of my post….It is “Still” Liberal Lame stream media lies….”He did not use an AR….CT State Police: All victims shot with an AR….Now here’s gun grabber Senator Richard, “I served in Vietnam” Blumenthal crowing to the media: “There’s no question that the AR-15 was used, the Bushmaster shot those children with multiple rounds and was instrumental in the massacre,” Yeah, no question, Dick…your honest….This is called obfuscation….misdirect….throw the issue out there so people jump on it….then change or correct…An example of Gov’t thinking the people are stupid.

  • ProtectThyStudents

    Rick, I also saw that on the Today Show, recycled. I didn,t see anything on coronrer news release. There is a lot of mis-information and created information going around this shooting. Better to let the private investigators learn more and complete their investigation into,who,where, when, how and why. Bridgeport held a fema drill,-children in disaster scenario, FEMA drill on dec 14th. ct/gov. Like I said, too much dis-information flying around created and released by officials and press. Witnesses will be questioned.

  • ProtectThyStudent

    OK IW, Those who would abrogate the rights of others for the actions of a few are either irrational, or Tyrannical. I would propose State and Federal laws be removed from schools being kill zones[gun free zones], maybe hold govt officials criminaly responsible for passing irresponsible reckless laws. Local towns should hire security and request employees and teachers to train and license for personel carry at work. 3. Open mental health hospitals and stop giving citizens dangerous SSRI,s drugs and treat the cause of mental health, not the symtoms. 4. Laws against violent games killing people along with laws against violent movies, including pentagon advertisements showing glorious soldiers with their weapons. ps, sorry 4 spelling
    ps. any gun restricts include all govt and pentagon employees.

    • You do understand that there is ALWAYS a first amendment issue in play when movies or video games are banned. Such bans are on par with what liberal gun grabbers want to do. Banning movies or video games does nothing for kids or violence when parents uses TV and Xbox as a babysitter so they do not have to engage on any meaningful level with their children. When my kids were growing up, I took some heat in limiting TV and video game consumption, especially from my son…I think now that they are grown and have children of their own, they get it.

      And finally, good advice here is not to feed the trolls. For better or worse, their commentary is left up, no matter how nutty, emotional or visceral it is…We could easily delete it, but we don’t…Personal attacks on writers is usual fare, despite being couched with questions that might seem otherwise reasonable. I simply do not respond to it, no matter what or how it is said. A response from authors is earned through the pathways of respect. perhaps spirited, but still respectful. Some have not yet learned that.

  • Charles Goode

    I come to this site and read the rants. IWKAGGP, Its rare to see any comments from you that are not long winded, (diarrhea of the keyboard) disjointed and not personally attacking the author. Why don’t you get some medication and give it a rest for a spell. If there is anything of value to add surely that value is lost in the lunacy. We get that your a leftist treading over to the other side…No clue what you are trying to accomplish, but I think youre obnoxious.

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