Closeup – Jeanne Shaheen defends “Bigger Government through compromise”

by Skip

On Closeup this morning, Josh McElveen asked US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (Progressive-NH) a question about the national debt and the Fiscal Cliff:

How much damage repair needs to be done in terms of what the country watched Congress do with this whole fiscal cliff battle, and still, even after from all that debate not come up with something comprehensive?  Sure, there was a stopgap measure put in there.  But how is this a two pronged “hey we can get the job done” and, just get the job done?

Her answer:

I think it is critical.  You know, what I have heard from people in NH is, #1, why can’t we work together anymore in Washington?  I think it is unfortunate that that we’ve had, um, several elections now where people have come to Washington  unwilling to compromise, unwilling to support the operations of government.  we need to change that.   we need to work together and what people have said to me is, you know, I’m willing to share in what ever the burden is of solving this country’s debt and deficits as long as I think it’s fair.  as long as everybody is sharing in that.  So, I think there is a compromise we can come up with, there are ways to deal with this situation, but we have to be comprehensive about it.  We’ve got to look at the entire budget: the domestic side, the defense side, mandatory programs, and the revenue side.

Absolute fluff and a smack at those who disagree with the underlying premise that Shaheen dare not actually say: “Government is good and Bigger Government is even better” (even Head Start!).  What Shaheen refuses to acknowledge is that “those people” have all be sent there by real people, by their votes, are concerned with the fact that Progressive Democrats (and aided by Big Government Republicans as well – and yes, they exist, right Charlie Bass?), with the constant “Can’t you compromise with my position” – and rarely do the compromising in the other direction of lesser amounts of government.  They have looked at the absolutely stupendous size of Government that Obama and she have wrought, the intrusiveness with which she and other Progressives has pushed Government into all aspects of our private lives, and the looming debt that, at best, is dooming our children to an indentured servanthood future.

They are saying ‘NO!’ and Shaheen can’t understand why the Progressive religion is being attacked.

No, Jeanne, it is NOT that they are “ unwilling to support the operations of government“; they are (and the people who voted them into office) are “unwilling to support the operations of government” of the size you desire more of.  That is the lie promulgated by the Left, over and over again – that the folks you refuse to name, the TEA Party wants only anarchy – we don’t.  We want Government, especially at the Federal level, to do ONLY what it is supposed to do – those things laid out in the Constitution and do them exceedingly well – and often, mediocre is what we get because folks like you refuse to kill off programs that do not meet their mission – they just continue to exist and often grow beyond the original mandate and in doing the latter, become more and more involved in telling citizens how they can live their lives and conduct their business.  They are tired of being told, by people no brighter or smarter than themselves, you need to do this because it is good for you and stop doing this because it is bad for you – and if you don’t obey, we will take away your money (in fines) and your life (by sitting you in a small room with “Bubba”).

BTW, Jeanne – we’ll know that your serious about the “sharing” part when the richest counties in the nation no longer ring Washington DC, and that the workers in Government no longer earn significantly more than the Citizens that pay their salaries; people are tired of seeing their “public servants” doing better compensation-wise than they are.


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