Citizens as mere ATM machines? Mickelson taking on the role of Depardieu.

by Skip

Phil Mickelson:

“But if you add up, if you add up all the federal and you look at the disability and the unemployment and the Social Security and the state, my tax rate’s 62, 63 percent. So I’ve got to make some decisions on what I’m going to do,”

 I waited a couple of days to see what would shake out from this – he is now backing down from those words (er, he was scared of offending somebody?).  Why are people so scared of saying the truth?  There have been a couple of “guesstimates” and they came up with slightly lower levels of taxation, the actual fact remains: 50%, 55%, 60%, 65% – when it gets to the point that Government becomes an equal partner in your income (or worse, piggybacking on your back for even more), is that really moral?  Are we really still free at that point – or lying to ourselves?

Sure, French actor Gerald Depardieu was excoriated for moving to Belgium to get away from the now exorbitant 75% French millionaire tax (and has now moved to Russia).  His declaration was “I am a free Citizen”.  Neal Boortz retired from being a very successful talk host for the same reason – he was not going to work simply to give Government money.

Mickelson is now embarrassed about his words – I think that is a mistake.  It IS about the Proper Role of Government – when Government receives more from your efforts than you do, are you really able to keep the honor of being a free Citizen?

I think not.

Remember: a Government that tries to ‘cure’ income inequality is, in truth, a very selfish Government – it, and the politicians driving it, want everything for themselves.

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Hey Phil, the summers and early fall are great in New Hampshire. But keep your R/E and vehicle footprint small (you don’t need a big house and car, anyway). You can always go to Florida in the winter.
    – C. dog

    • Chris P. Bacon

      Ah yes, the summers and early fall….help me remember how great they were Sir Dog, as i was only their (NE) from 74 til 88. Let’s see…January-wicked crappy and freezing. Feb.- see Jan. March- See Feb. April-Hope May-Decent, but it will rain Memorial Day Weekend, oh yeah, May flies, Black flies, deer flys, mosquitos, and ticks. June-See May July- See June, and it will rain July 4th weekend. August- See June September-It will rain Labor Day weekend, and the reality that winta is just around the corner sets in. October-Nice foliage, the bugs are retreating Novemba, Decemba, see Jan. Course i was growing up on a farm, so the wetha and the bugs really impacted me more then others. Other then that, how off is my memory, and with all this GW, are things any betta?

      • C. dog e. doG

        Well, you do get the yocal schtick award for describing the seasons here in Great Northwoods twang, and you weren’t off by that much for those of us without Lake Winni shoreside “cottages” to keep those dastardly bloodsucking parasites at bay. But you forgot one particularly pesky pest: the MASS fly which seems to plague us in the best seasons, but leaves us mostly alone in no-good November and Mud-season.

        CAGW was a seriously impinging on my bug-free enjoyment of the White Mtns, especially the damn ticks. Fortunately, our current spate of sub-zero temps are going to put quite a damper on their population for the upcoming summa’. On the negative side of this silver-lined cloud, it’s a sure sign that Mommy is warming even faster than Al Gored conjured in his apocryphal, purple-hazed prophecy of balmier times. The final proof will be when the glaciers arrive.

        Now that we errantly spilled the beans about what New Hamsta’ is really like most of the time, I bet Phil Mickelson will be looking for a less stressful environment, like Big Sandy, AZ.
        – C. dog still in shell shock

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