Breaking: Jennifer Horn, Businesswoman

by Mike

I own a company, too!

While searching for recent pictures of our candidates for Chairman, and in the absence of Jennifer Horn’s “We The People Freedom Forum” website, I landed at the page for “Jennifer Horn Communications”, which apparently specializes in:
[A] wide range of communications services, helping you make the connection you need. Jennifer Horn applies over 20 years of communications experience to managing multifaceted communications projects, with a specialty in strategic messaging and professional coaching.

Sounds GRRREAT! Hmmm – Andrew Hemingway is happy to talk about his communications company, Digital Acumen, on the stump, but I’d never heard of Jennifer Horn Communications before – surely she’d want to tell us all how great it is, in order to enhance her resume?

Wait, there are resounding endorsements here – surely we’d want to know about them?

“With over 20 years in the insurance industry, I have experienced many different types of training. Jennifer’s professional coaching exceeded my expectations. Her skills and techniques dramatically improved my presentation skills and gave me greater confidence at the podium. I have been able to apply what I learned working with Jennifer to all of my endeavors: professional, political and community.”

Juliana Bergeron, CLU, ChFC, RHU, REBC Financial Advisor, Keene, NH

“Jennifer’s results with business and political leaders are outstanding. I strongly recommend her to any and all of my clients who want to hone their ability to persuade, enhance their presence, promote their message and who are serious about winning with the power of communications.”

Kerry Marsh, Spectrum Marketing, Manchester, NH

And, ONLY these two endorsements, odd. Funny thing is, both Juliana and Kerry are well-established business and political figures in their own right, and I’d have a hard time understanding how much they could benefit from Jennifer’s winning ways.

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