Blogline of the Day – Why did Obama Win?

by Skip

We interrupt this orgy of Obama worship to recall that his campaign huddled early in 2012 and reflected that they could not run on his first-term record. Accordingly, the strategy was “Kill Romney.” Congratulations. That what we’re celebrating today.

– Mona Charen, NRO Contributor and syndicated columnist

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  • miss the old GOP

    Obama didn’t kill Romney, Romney killed Romney. The reason the republicans lost was because their party disenfranchised every constituency in the country except old white people.

    • granitegrok

      To a degree, large or small, you are correct. But when a Billion is spent to trash someone who is, by all accounts, a decent human being (albeit, too squishy for me but the best that the rest of the Rs put up) – well, it certainly gives lie to the platitudes that Obama gave as his Warden-in-Chief speech today.

      • asdf

        Last time I checked, Romney and his allies spent just as much money, and way more money on congressional and senate races.

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