Blogline of the Day – on the size of magazines

by Skip

From Erick Erickson at Redstate:

You may think a 30 round magazine is too big. Under the real purpose of the second amendment, a 30 round magazine might be too small.

Why?  Well, we’ve answered that question multiple times and in multiple ways.  I’ll let Erick answer it this time:

The amendment is not about sports. It is not about recreation. It is not about hunting. It is only partly about defending yourself from a criminal.

The second amendment is about ensuring a “free state.”

The purpose of the Constitution is not to limit citizens, but to limit Government.  As Obama reels off his litany of how guns cannot be allowed to get in the hands of bad people (worthwhile and I agree), how will he limit Government?

Or limit law-abiding Citizens under the rubric of “it’s for the common good”.

Want to change the Constitution?  Amend it – just don’t try to Executive Order it out of existence.

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