Blogline of the Day – on political hypocrites

by Skip

“Contrary to the rant in response you’re anticipating, I’m not upset. I’m actually honored to do my part in that whole ‘shared sacrifice’ thing we keep hearing about from our benevolent ruling class. After all, who’s more qualified to talk about shared sacrifice than those who can vote themselves pay raises whenever they want, pass laws they don’t have to subject themselves to and take vacations all over the world that are bought and paid for by others.

Steve  Deace

 Just like as in “who is more qualified to talk about gun control than the Obama Administration, whose Dept of Justice made strawman purchases of assault weapons to give to the already violent Mexican drug cartels that have killed hundreds of Mexican adults.

and dozens of Mexican children.

Got that Moral High Ground covered there, eh, Obama and Biden and Feinstein and Reid?  “If it only saves one life!” – shows that this phrase is only brought out when it is politically expedient – they rest of the time, they’re happy to be hypocrites, I guess.

(H/T: Instapundit)

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