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by Skip

Any parent who sends their kids to public schools should understand that they are sanctioning the long term abuse of their own child. Sit them down in front of a computer screen loaded up with Khan Academy courses. They’ll end up healthier, happier, better adjusted, better educated, and far, far more safe. Nobody ever got an STD, bullied, or shot through an online educational course. And no kid ever got harmed by predatory edu-bots that way, either.”

– Bill Quick, Daily Pundit

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    This is asinine. One of the problems in society today is our “screen culture.” In fact, many of the Groksters have made this point in the past. Tuning out the real world and tuning in to videogames, computers, television, cell phones, etc as your sole means of communication not only stunts social growth but actually causes real physical, chemical changes in the brain. You guys are hypocrites who will use anything, and I mean ANYTHING – even if it is directly opposed to your own principals – if it tears down our education system.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Our education system, white man?
      – C. dog goes all-Tonto on gov’mint issue flautists all the time

      • IWKAGGP

        White man?

        • C. dog e. doG

          What, you’re now pretending to be a Native American, perhaps an Abenaki?
          – C. dog who howls at moonshine

  • C. dog e. doG

    But, but, our cherished chilt’ren won’t learn how to play the flute from the grate flautist, Dan the Hunting Man! And without such music emanating from their pursed lips, won’t the world become a grayer place, a place not worthy of a naked ape’s frolic through the fields of our lords?

    We need the NEA and its ilk to create the real world for our chilt’ren. Otherwise, they might grow up to think …. or just grow up. Either way, they wouldn’t come to think of their existence as dependent upon grand institutions of delusion; scary thoughts for those dependent upon institutional perpetuations.
    – C. dog vying for governor of his own domain

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