Blogline of the Day – Glen Beck

by Skip

On the event of Al Gore (environmentalist) selling his “Current TV” to Al Jazeera (bankrolled by Middle East Big oil) for $100 Million:

“He didn’t sell to the highest bidder. We were not allowed to the table.” He added, “I am proud to say that Al Gore finds my principles reprehensible but aligns his principles with Al-Jazeera.”


There has been lots of commentary on the day of the sale: December 31, 2012.  Like many others, I point out the utter hypocrisy of Lefties like Gore that deride conservatives for wanting to pay less taxes – they say to raise our taxes!  Yet, for all of their bluster, each and every time they could pay more (like having a closing date of Jan 2, Al?), they’ll do all they can to NOT pay that extra task.

They’ll talk Left all day long, pass legislation Lefty all day long, but when it counts, they’ll do the Conservative walk because it benefits them more.

(H/T: The Corner)

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