Another Day With NH Democrats….Two More Taxes…or is it Six?

NH Roads and bridges - NH Democrats look to raise gas taxThe Concord Monitor is reporting on a  plan by New Hampshire Democrat David Campbell (D- Nashua), that would eventually extract $115,000,000.00 million more dollars per year out of the pockets of struggling New Hampshire families.  He’d like to raise the gas tax and the increase the cost to register your vehicles every year.

His ‘plan’ would raise the price you pay for gas five cents a year for three years.  At the same time the cost of your vehicle registration would also increase five dollars a year for three years.  So you’d’ see two separate tax increases every year for three years; is that two new taxes of six?

The promise, and given past experience this means nothing coming from a New Hampshire Democrat, is that they will use this additional tax money exclusively for road and bridge work.

We obviously need money for roads and bridges but I don’t think we need any new taxes and fees–so I have a better idea.

Instead of raising our taxes why not redistribute some wealth…from the state employees wages, health benefits, and pensions?  New Hampshire taxpayers are already paying for a large portion of benefits on top of having to pay for their own as well.   That seems unjust to me.  Isn’t it about time the state union employees started paying their fair share….of their own benefits.

Level the playing fieldAsking them to help bear the burdens placed on taxpayers who pay significantly more for their own benefits and retirements, even just a few percentage points across the board, would produce a revenue windfall for the state, without adding another $ 115,000,000.00 million dollar burden on the backs of taxpayers, and removing that money from our fragile state economy.

You (Democrats) said you were concerned about jobs and the economy?  I’m quite sure I heard you say it.  But state employees already have jobs.  And extracting another $115 million out of the economy into the government is only going to suppress growth and job creation in the places where tax dollars actually come from.  So instead of removing more money from the economy why not just redistribute existing tax dollars already allocated to state union employee benefits packages into the highway fund to help pay for roads and bridges?

I have to pay for my own retirement.  All of it.  Most of us have to give out large sums to cover the cost of health and dental insurance for our families, all while paying a large chunk of the same for state employees.  Isn’t it time we leveled that playing field and asked them to take more responsibility for paying their fair share?

After all, they use roads and bridges too.


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