Andrew Hemingway for NH GOP Chair

by Tom

Last week, Granite Grok endorsed Andrew Hemingway for NH GOP Chair (vote to take place at the NH GOP annual meeting on January 26th, 2013).  After hearing Andrew speak over the past couple months, listening to his qualifications and plans for success, I was happy that we did.

During the campaign for the 2012 elections, I felt that the GOP was too quiet, too comfortable, and too static.  From Reince Priebus to John Boehner to Wayne MacDonald, I continued to be mystified and disappointed at the GOP response (or lack thereof), every time Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the Liberal community took a shot at our principles and beliefs.  I was also disheartened when, time after time, they failed to address the manifested memes about the GOP, such as the imaginary “war on women” and our false plans to kill Social Security and Medicare.

Throughout 2012, the mantra we all heard and repeated was that “the election of 2012 was the most important election in our lifetime“.  I agreed with this and shudder at the level of failure the GOP experienced and the ramifications it will have for our country for decades to come.

Let’s face it, in the wake of this failure (nationally, but particularly in our home state), morale is very low within the GOP community, money is not coming in, and there is no sense of urgency among its membership.  Democrats continue to wage their fake-issue wars and, still, The Grand Old Party fails to respond with any substance.

The GOP is at a nadir and needs reviving, before it fades into obscurity and complete irrelevance.

I believe Andrew has the background, the determination, and the personality to take things in a new direction.  He is from a younger demographic, is very well spoken, has a technology mindset, possesses connections into the greater political world (yet is not bound by any backroom establishment oligarchy) and has the gift of the power to motivate – all necessary characteristics for success.

A respected fellow-blogger hit the nail on the head recently when he said, “with Andrew at the helm, the NH GOP might just get me back in“.  I know scores of others who feel the same way; unfortunately, I suspect we’ll see the opposite effect if his challenger wins.

Andrew is by no means the safe choice – meaning that he is proposing to march down the hard road of renovation – but he is the right choice.  Sometimes, you need to muster the courage and embrace the vision to rip down a few walls and take out a few windows in order to fix something that new curtains, wallpaper, and wainscoting simply cannot.

Yesterday, Andrew spoke to the Hillsborough Country Republican Committee, in the Merrimack Town Hall.  I encourage you to take a look and see what I am talking about.

H/T: Bob Burns (video)

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  • allen

    we need to make sure they don’t pull another mutiny like they did to jack kimball. remove the power of the “old guard” republicans, who won’t allow anyone who doesn’t owe them something to be in the chairmanship. if they pull another stunt like that, time to burn the whole thing down and start over.

    • Yes, exactly.
      As I’ve said to the chagrin of some of the old guard, NOW is the time to either set the NHGOP straight, or burn it down and form a conservative party. Three months befor a presidential election is the wrong time, and after some of the rule making games at the RNC this August, we almost had internal war.
      I believe that Andrew will be harder to shut down because he already has a good fundraising network inside and outside NH.

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