“…and they also fear their Government.” – Part (insert number here)

by Skip

Here is a video from OathKeepers, an organization that believes once one takes the oath to the US Constitution, it always remain in force.  In these times, when even Peggy Noonan believes that there is widespread angst, we see an organization that holds up, not the US House, not the US Senate, and not even the US President – but the US Constitution.  And that is what seemingly is at risk, if one looks into that angst deeply and actually ask the question as to “why?” and not take on the dismissive attitude, as expressed by Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman, towards those that are ‘bitter clingers to their guns and Bibles”.


This is a call to ALL of our distinguished men and women in the military and law enforcement….TIME TO CHOSE!!!! We, the people, your people, love you all and we ALL hope you love the freedom you are working so hard to protect enough to protect it from ALL enemies foreign AND domestic. Please educate yourselves and help to educate others who are not educated and get in the fight for the minds of american citizens. You are our strongest ally and we need you now more than ever in americas history to stand up and be counted.

You took an oath to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. The congress, the senate and the executive branch have made themselves into a domestic enemy, and they are going to attempt to use you to help them in their push to eliminate the 2nd amendment.

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