And Now for something completely different…

by Scott Morales

I must depart from my recent, and not so recent, pattern of offering a kind of digital Quaalude for the Grok peruser and briefly touch on a truly remarkable event:

The World Series of Beer Pong… VIII”!

Yeah, that’s right, a beer drinking game tournament!  Beer Pong World Series VIII just finished in Las Vegas (Where else? Okay, maybe Munich) with the winner taking home a very tasty fifty grand along with a presumably blurry recollection of the tourney. Although, let’s face it, the winners probably filled plenty of their cups with water. I doubt they would have won otherwise; it’s a five day event.

That number: VIII. That’s a “V” with three “I”s after it meaning 8. Eight years? Where the heck have I been? Eight years of a beer drinking game competition and I’m just finding out about it now?! Well, I finally have a reason to go to Vegas…I wonder if  this partial realization of the dream dreamed by the creators of Beer Fest is just in its infancy. What’s next? Quarters!

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  • mer

    If she wer my opponent, I think I’d lose. Lack of concentration or something.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Beer pong? From the video clip, looked more like beer basketball. And the female competition looked both alluring and insurmountable.
    – C. dog, always the cur

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