And I thought it was bunk

by Susan Olsen

Hold still you cwazy, skeet!

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    As with most of your posts lately . . . I don’t get it. You post an image with a couple words here and there and there and it’s supposed to be the most brilliant, pithy thing EVAH! I wonder where you get these images from. They look a lot like some of the stuff that makes the rounds on facebook. Imagine . . . making a blog out of facebook posts. Isn’t that “double-dipping?”

    • Chris P. Bacon

      It’s cuz yer a tard. Susan’s stuff is just a little two deep fer your too brain cells to comprestand. Dumby.

      CPB-beating sloths in 40 yard dashes everytime (even the intelectual ones)

      • Susan

        I usually wait for his heavy breathing to stop before responding but thank you, Chris.P…I have always admired sprinters!

      • C. dog e. doG

        Hey, I thought that was my job, you irascible critter! By the way, have you noticed how darn elusive the quarry, a skeet does make? But no waster of animals or a photo-op is he, BozO’s goin’ ta make a mighty tasty skeetsenpfeffer and serve it pipin’ hot with biscuits to Boehners.
        – C. dog chasing clay quarry to trim his expanding waistline

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