A tale of Opportunity – it isn’t where you think it is.

by Skip

From Cafe Hayek (emphasis mine):

Not only capital but also people move to where there is opportunity; and this is an essential part of creating new wealth and prosperity. This was dramatically illustrated for me in 1978, during a taxicab trip from the Wellington, New Zealand, airport to my hotel. The driver was friendly, and I asked, “Tell me about your country.” He replied, “It’s really wonderful. I don’t like paying half my small salary in taxes, but we receive so much that is free: health benefits, prescriptions, free education through college and advanced graduate study. I am just a cab driver, but my son is going to be a medical doctor. He has finished his medical degree and internship, and will begin practicing next year.”

Isn’t a socialized society just grand!  I bet his son will have have a lovely career where everything is free (after, ahem, large chunks of your wages for taxes).

Oh wait – no!

In recognition of his obvious pride, I said, “How wonderful. You have every right to be proud. Is he going to practice in Wellington?” He replied, “Oh no, he’s going to Australia. You can’t make any money here.” The New Zealand economic crisis hit about two years later. New Zealand could not compete in world markets – and could no longer afford socialism.

And this is what Progressive Democrats want the US to be – everything for what seems to be “free”?  Great gig when other people are paying for your “free”. Until that wad of “other peoples’ money runs out”.  We saw the same outcome with the Iron Curtain countries with the long term rot of Communism.  We see that China has turned from that command-and-control and is thriving (in some areas) whereas Obama wants to push the US towards that command-and-control (a “government centered life”).

You can’t make any money here” – that cab driver knew the reality that the facade of free was just that – a facade.  Sure, things seem to be “free” at that time in New Zealand, but there was no Freedom.  When Government controls everything and allocates it, there is often no way to really be the best you can be and reap the rewards of your labor, skill, and drive.  That cab driver recognized that in his son – a social democracy would stifle the drive that was innate in him and the Government “stole” his labor and skill through confiscatory taxes.  Why work hard when there is little reward?

Yet, that is the future that Progressives / Democrats / Liberals want for your children.  How fair of a future for them is that?

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