A Federal “Assault Weapons” Buy-Back Program

by Rick Olson

“Even if I want to take (guns) away, I don’t have the votes in Congress,’’—Barack Hussein Obama

NOT an “Assault Rifle”

During his press conference today, President Obama spoke briefly of a Tax Credit to any who, “turn in”  any semi-automatic firearm liberals refer to as, “Assault Weapons.”

A Tax Credit. That assumes a great deal. First, it assumes that all who own AK-47’s and AR-15’s pay taxes. Second, the notion appears to assume that Americans who purchase semi-automatic rifles are  mere “chachkies…“Having little value beyond their worth and finally, It works as a pretext to do what those of us in the pro-gun arena have said all along, “Grab guns.”  If I am wrong on all aforementioned accounts, it is still a, “gun grab” only a, “kinder and gentler,” gun grab, engineered with a faux incentive.

But at the very least, Obama again shows his ignorance about Americans and firearms ownership. The overwhelming majority who own these “scary black guns,” did not purchase them to part with them at a later financial opportune time.


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