A Cautionary Tale For Democrats: Red State Boom vs Blue State Bust

by Mike

On FNC this afternoon, The WSJ Editorial Report covered the Phil Mickelson tax controversy, and where he could live for less than a 63% penalty. Paul Gigot, James Freeman, Kimberly Strassel and Stephen Moore discussed how states with no, or falling, income tax are booming, and states with high, or rising, income tax are stagnant or failing. Listen up Maggie and Terrie:

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Let us prey –
    Oh Lord, we beseech thee to assist with all your grace the efforts of that small, diminutive Poindexter of a man – Devolved Patrick – in his efforts to further ratchet the grate taxing machine of the mAss commonwealth so as to further buttress the flows of revenues to those residing non-mobility in your chosen land of milk and honey – New Hampshire. May you further answer our prayers by restoring integrity to our State motto. A-men.
    – C. dog on bent knee seeking his mercedes benz

    • Chris P. Bacon


      • C. dog e. doG

        I’m afraid I rote this prayer for a rather select crowd, but I’m glad you were there in the bleacher pew. Aren’t you so glad you left MA-MA Land?
        – C. dog

        • Chris P. Bacon

          As you know Sir Pooch, i have lived all over the Western Hemisphere and visited most of it. I can find enough in common to make a friend out of just about anyone, anywhere. Compared to the 13 or so countries i had been to, Mass. was a great place, just to damn cold. For me, it’s more about where you are inside then out, although i have to admit, as i get away from my self emposed domicile border of 100 miles north of I-10, my mood suffers.

          -Chris P Bacon- Finding simularity between how he feels about himself and how he feels about the world around him.

          • C. dog e. doG

            That’s ‘cuz you’re more evolved than me – or is that “I”? Is “than” a preposition or some weird kinda transitive conjunctivitis? Cursed grammar.

            Anywho, I like ‘em diverse, but I don’t like anyone yankin’ my chain … without full adult consent. I met a Mtn. Man once who was barely connected to all the techno-hoopla that surrounded him – one of the “coolest” guys I ever met … and very different. Also encountered a bunch of Tibet monks who made pretty pictures, then threw them away. Weird, but sum interestin’. Then, I met hairy krishnas in an airport once, and they burdened my load with odd liturgy, but were nice enough, I think, thought the glazed over demeantor was kinda creepy. So long as they’re down with live, and leave me alone, I’m down with their spins on the celestial seasonings.
            – C. dog spinning in circles to make sense from the gyrations of naked apes

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Damn i wish i had your pros. It’s hard to believe your an armature, and rank at that. i too have pondered why one would spend all that time making a nice picture, just to brush them away. Go to Vice again. There is a guy living in Anwar Alaska that i envy, (except i would rather be isolated on an island of the coast of Coasta Rica with a local native), and another guy living at the tip of south america all by hizself for 40 years. I’m all for being isolated, but have to have the company of the Eve.

            -CPB wishing the Dog wouldn’t use the word naked so much.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Yes, the company of Eves takes the chill off the starry scary night. By the way, when I say “leave me alone” it’s more of a truncated expression for “leave me alone to my own vices.”
            – C. dog, on the high-wire, sans social contract netting

          • Chris P. Bacon

            I knew what you meant you puss.

            +CPB- Never tastes like chicken.

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