40 Years – 55 Million

by Susan Olsen

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    You can’t burp a zygote. You can’t breastfeed a zygote. You can’t put a diaper on a zygote.


    • Chris P. Bacon

      i do not think abortion is a good thing, although i have been responsible for two (one without my knowledge), however making it illegal is as stupid as most of the things that are made illegal and will be about as effective as the war on drugs. Having said that, R v W was never put to a vote by the people. It is so funny to me how we use the “its the law” arguement when it suits us. I know people who cringe when i eat lamb chops or a steak, but think abortion should be everyone’s right. Then other friends tell me how wrong it is cuz all life is given from God and is sacred and then will send their children of to war to die protecting a convoy of Cheesecake that Haliburton is delivering in a truck convoy to the troops at $30 a slice. Everyones full of sheite, and i am fine with that. What worries me is our inability to see how hypocrytical we are while being masters of seeing it in others. Or not.

      • IWKAGGP

        Abortion should be safe legal and RARE. If more stupid humans would smarten up about when, how, where and why to procreate, we wouldn’t need abortions. Unfortunately as a species we’re not that bright. No hypocrisy from me hear Chris-P about the meat thang. I’ll sit right down with ya for those lamb chops and steak – in fact I’ll bring some venison tenderloins to throw on the grill as well! Love the “Haliburton cheesecake” scenario BTW LOL!!!!! So much irony and hypocrisy in our little country, ain’t there. Oh well, I still believe we have the worst political system in the world – except for all the others!

        • Chris P. Bacon

          I jest frequently from time to timex. Wish i were about soldiers losing their lives protecting Haliburton convoys. Course to be fair, it’s not just Halliburton. From 1957 to 1987 the Marine Corps poisend it’s own families and soldiers at Camp Lejune. 100’s, maybe 1,000s were striken with all kinds of disease or outright died. At least when they found out about it they closed the contaminated well and didn’t tell anyone about it.

        • granitegrok

          But the stat shows that it is not rare. Given the coarsening of society, and the corressponding lack of respect for life at its beginning and now at the other end (“it costs too much to care for the terminally ill and euthenasure!”)

    • granitegrok

      A zygote is just a biological term that still means “life”. It has meaning in and by itself – for it will become, as part of the development process, to be that “need burping and diapering” child that STILL needs tender care for it cannot care for itself. That newborn baby owes its “external” life from that “internal life” of that single celled egg that has infused and freshened with the father’s DNA. That instant of fusion is conception – the beginning of life. That first cellular division into two cells is that next step and proves that “God breathed life” is an actuality.

      Using “burping” or “diapering” as the measure of life is silly and really of no account in any serious discussion. It also does not, in any way, obviate the fact that Susan posts above. It is also a valid commentary of the legality of Roe vs Wade (which I believe should be set at the state level – it is not one of the enumerated powers given in the Constitution to be set at the Federal level).

  • Chris P. Bacon

    cmon Susan, woud you really want 55 million more Libtards walking around voting for Obama, hating guns, and sitting around on their Dead arses collecting welfare and foodstamps? If their (almost) parents had the abortion then they were libs for sure, cuz good people don’t have abortions, so most likely they (God’s little mirtacles) would have been Libs as well. People growing up to take on the ridiculous ideas of their parents is what this species does. Why do you think it takes so long for fairy tales to go away. If it were not for R v w, the Republican party would have been outnumbered long ago. God’s in control of everything, including who is in office, “God rules in the Kingdoms of men and sets up who he will” Daniel 5:21, so why so tired and upset looking about everything?

  • Sam Adams

    ” protect thy fruit of thy womb”

    • Chris P. Bacon

      good one.

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