33% Rise in NH Beer Tax Inexpedient To Legislate

by Steve MacDonald

NH Democrats look to make New Hampshire Highest Beer tax in New England

NH Democrats have goals. One of them was having the highest beer tax in New England

The beer tax is coming out of Ways and Means as ITL.   The committee vote was 14-2 against the bill, suggesting that the publicity factors had their desired affect (We helped a little).  The bill was immediately unpopular.  Everywhere it was brought up in the blogosphere and social media people were against it.  Local brewers had plenty to say as well as retailers.  The governor even said she’d veto it.

Now it will go the floor of the House to be voted into the dustbin.  Well, we can assume as much.  If the Democrat majority committee charged with raising taxes thinks its a bad time to try and run this one up the flag pole, the Democrat majority House will probably play along.

Now we just have to look out for the other shoe.  You know, the one they will drop to make up for having lost out on that tax increase.  Keep your eyes and ears open.  It’s out there lurking in the legislative wilderness, waiting to strike.


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