YOU sir, as a Cabinet Secretary, are BOUND to Constitutional strictures!

by Skip

Once again, we see yet another Progressive downplay the values by which the government is to act by and to be held against.  Education Secretary Arne Duncan:

“I want to talk to gun owners and hunters and sport shooters and ask them, what should we do? I want to talk about community and responsibility, and I want to talk about values — because we have common values that go far beyond the constitutional right to bear arms.

A number of things come immediately to mind:

  • First, your responsibility IS to the Constitution.  Period.  First.  Last.  You are the Government – stick to what the Government must obey (be it ever so hard for the Obama Administration to do that)
  • Second, an oh so soft slither around the fact that the Second Amendment is not about hunting and it is not about sport shooters.
  • Third, this IS about you trying to not have to talk about the Constitution – because it limits you.
  • Fourth, you don’t WANT that limitation – so you all (Obama Administration) are trying get people to emote instead of think, to think in the moment instead of long term and “what brung us to this place in the dance” -the sense of Federalism and a limit on what Government can do in manipulating Society.
  • Fifth, it is because, in large part, that you Progressives have swapped out traditional values for Progressives ones that we are in this pickle.

Yes, I just said it.  I lay it all on the Progressives with the denigration of hard work and the traditional work ethic that made a lot of people no longer ashamed to be on the dole.  I blame them for the substitution of absolute values for a secular humanism whose values can change from day to day – situational ethics run amok.  I blame them that Progressives believe that the rest of us cannot function in Society (ever closed to the irony, these “self-assured incompetents” of the poor and worse job that Big Government is delivering) without the guiding hand of themselves.  I blame them for the spiritual emptiness that they are wreaking in the country.  I blame them for the financial disgrace (with many helping hands of Republicans who merely wish “to get things done” without counting the cost).

I will answer “what should we do?”

With respect to your “gun safety” (how many times did Progressives focus group test that?), leave us law abiding citizens alone.  We are not the bad guys. All we do is exercise, in an orderly fashion, our Second Amendment Rights- and you don’t want us to be able to do that.  We’re not good enough; you don’t trust us.  It’s not part of your Narrative, is it?  You believe that we do not love our children as much as you say you do?   You and all of the other progressives want every one else to believe that if we wish to exercise our Second Amendment Rights we are to be demonized and marginalized?  That we actually hate children?  Have you no honor?  Do ANY of you have any honor?

Here’s what we want you to do: Stop trying to punish us that have spent years doing the right things.  LEAVE US ALONE.

But you are a Progressive – you constitutionally can’t leave others alone, and others like you, can you?  You just can’t STAND the idea that people CAN run their own lives on their own – without your help.  After all, Secretary – how successful has the Dept of Education done since its creation?  Billions spent – and Johnny and Jane still can’t read and still can’t do math – and still can’t give me the right change at the corner store.

Here’s what we want you to do:  Start in actually delivering a positive result based on educating kids.    Thus far, your Department is #EpicFail.  Take care of that FIRST – then I might allow you, as an employee of the Citizens, to talk about something else.

Including guns.  You failed in Chicago, and you are failing again by any measure that parents would want.

You want bad guys?  You want bad guys toting gungs?  Try going back to Chicago where you came from and break up the gangs and arrest the gang-bangers in the schools – after all, with about the second tightest gun laws in the country, 440 of your former “students” have killed each other.

Way to go, Arne – such a legacy!

(H/T: CNSNews)


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