by Steve MacDonald

Green Energy Loan crack pipe

80 Billion dollars up in smoke..but hey, make sure you use energy efficient light bulbs!

Your government floods the AM band with public service announcements (PSA’s).  Back in the day I used to have to read them when I did radio in High School.   We didn’t have them pre-recorded.  But now they have them canned and you can just play them with a mouse click or program them into the content.  And there a lot of them.

There are spots for the Forest service, home loans, emergency management, you name it.  Remember during hurricane Sandy? Not so ready if you don’t have Internet.  No surprises.  This is the government we’re talking about.

Well they also have PSA’s on saving energy.  The newest in that series points out all the things you could have bought if you had not wasted that money of inefficiency.  Like throwing money out the window.

That’s right.  The US government and the Obama Department of Energy are schooling us on how to avoid wasting money when it comes to energy.

Go ahead and laugh.  I did.

This from the administration that is committed to ending cheap electricity from coal, that has locked up federal lands from energy exploration, blocked or slowed offshore oil production, stumbled and fumbled on the Keystone pipeline, and at the same time wasted $80 billion dollars on green energy projects, many of which have resulted in bankruptcy and epic failure.

So you go buy an energy star appliance, or swich to mercury filled bulbs (that present a hazard to your family), so you can save up enough money in a few years to pay for Raman and generic man-n-cheese buy that new sofa, while the federal government makes affordable energy even less affordable and the unaffordable energy crack-pipe goes bankrupt with your billions in tax dollars.

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