Witness To Union Thuggery

by Steve MacDonald

Breitbart is posting a series of statements by people who observed or were objects of Union thuggery in Michigan.   I’ve posted one here on the front and several more on the jump.   They are each relatively short so take a few moments to watch them.  It is important to understand that this was not just a bunch of toughs flexing, people who followed the law were denied the right to peaceably assemble for no other reason than that they had an opinion different from that of the union protesters.

Oh, and then there’s the profanity, spitting, threats, and physical abuse.  And make sure you watch the last video with Tim Bos.  He’ll tell you about the Lansing Union cops who watched the whole thing unfold…and did nothing.

Stu Sandler

Dave Speet


Randall Thompson


Doug DuRussell


Jim Lefler


Beverly Sempsrott


Clint Traver – Hot Dog Vendor


Anne Foote

Jack Hoogendyk


Tim Bos



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