Why the Portsmouth Herald sucks

by Tim Condon

There are media outlets and media outlets. But some are just so filled with idiotic hatred that they descend into ugly parody.  The Portsmouth Herald qualifies. Two days ago…

…it suggested in an editorial that NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte—a mother herself—cares more about advancing her political career than “about preventing 6-year-olds from being shot in the face.” What caused that asinine statement by the fools at the Portsmouth Herald? It appears that Ayotte isn’t joining the baying morons at the Herald’s “editorial board” clamoring for more “gun control.” Thus, says the Portsmouth Herald, Senator Kelly Ayotte is “failing to show she cares more about preventing 6-year-olds from being shot in the face than she does about being a rising star in the Republican Party.”

Why does anyone read a miserable rag that would print such a statement? Who are the idiots in that newspaper who allow the printing of such lying, nonsensical crap?

The people who own the paper and run the editorial page, that’s who.

A suggestion to everyone in the Seacoast region: If you live in or near Portsmouth, you don’t need to read that newspaper. Nor do you need to patronize any business that advertises in it. I certainly won’t. You can read the Union Leader and get more and better news about your area of the state, with the added benefit of editorials that don’t accuse a mother and U.S. Senator of wanting kids to be “shot in the face.”

What kind of scum are running the Portsmouth Herald, to print of such a thing?

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  • Ed Naile

    This is the new norm for campaigning, 24-7-365.
    Ayotte is a target becasue she takes a non-liberal stand.
    Nothing is out of bounds, especailly jounalists ethics.
    I hope Ayotte is prepared for the national stage becasue she hangs with some real lime light hounds.
    Porstmouth Herald readers are liberals and eagerly wait her destruction. Don’t think for a minute they don’t understand and enjoy what the paper is doing. They simply smile and await any “news” that will trigger their feigned outrage.

    • allen

      “Ayotte is a target becasue she takes a non-liberal stand.
      Nothing is out of bounds, especailly jounalists ethics.”

      and yet we make nice and be civil in return.

      I have brought my ideas, called The Sons Of Stark, to various organizations on our side and no one was interested. in fact, most were openly hostile to it. that’s ok..we’re going ahead without them. some of our people are in place already.

      the Sons Of Stark is this: we put some of our (trained, selected) people up as volunteers for the other side. they’re always looking for people, just like we are. but our people spy for us. when they find something BIG, they go whistleblower. if they find small things, they report back. sometimes we will do small bits of sabotage, like changing meeting times or deleting key files. oopsie. those things happened with “untrained” volunteers, right? heh.

      the beauty of this is..it works even if we do nothing but convince them we’re doing it. (RULE 1: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” RULE 9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” )

      a real volunteer that makes a mistake will suddenly be accused of being “one of them” and removed. they’ll try to hide things deeper in secret, knowing we might be watching. they won’t trust ANY volunteers with ANYTHING. I think teaparty people know what it’s like to put everything into a party and get pushed aside….but no one throws a tantrum like a liberal that thinks they’re not being paid the proper attention. we isolate the volunteers from the organization, and they LEAVE. we cut their manpower off at the knees.

      • granitegrok

        Hmmm, would that make us, we of the ‘Grok, the Sons of Snark (instead of the utterer of our wonderful State motto (even as we try to uphold it as well))?

  • C. dog e. doG

    I didn’t even know that rag was still in existence. Dinosaur minds pushing levers of a dinosaur medium.
    – C. dog

  • NewHampshire

    We no longer have ANY papers in NH that are not seized by the left. But then again why does anyone read these purveyors of hatred? It is particularly egregious when the CM and UL leave out facts or outright lie about them. Embarrassing to say the least.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Save trees, open minds: avoid oldpapers.
      – C. dog

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