Why the Portsmouth Herald sucks

by Tim Condon

There are media outlets and media outlets. But some are just so filled with idiotic hatred that they descend into ugly parody.  The Portsmouth Herald qualifies. Two days ago…

…it suggested in an editorial that NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte—a mother herself—cares more about advancing her political career than “about preventing 6-year-olds from being shot in the face.” What caused that asinine statement by the fools at the Portsmouth Herald? It appears that Ayotte isn’t joining the baying morons at the Herald’s “editorial board” clamoring for more “gun control.” Thus, says the Portsmouth Herald, Senator Kelly Ayotte is “failing to show she cares more about preventing 6-year-olds from being shot in the face than she does about being a rising star in the Republican Party.”

Why does anyone read a miserable rag that would print such a statement? Who are the idiots in that newspaper who allow the printing of such lying, nonsensical crap?

The people who own the paper and run the editorial page, that’s who.

A suggestion to everyone in the Seacoast region: If you live in or near Portsmouth, you don’t need to read that newspaper. Nor do you need to patronize any business that advertises in it. I certainly won’t. You can read the Union Leader and get more and better news about your area of the state, with the added benefit of editorials that don’t accuse a mother and U.S. Senator of wanting kids to be “shot in the face.”

What kind of scum are running the Portsmouth Herald, to print of such a thing?

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