Who is Andrew Hemingway?

by Tim Condon

Who IS this guy?

Well, he’s a candidate for chairman of the New Hampshire state Republican Party, and his support appears to be growing among multiple parts of the party, including the rank-and-file. Why? There seems to be a growing recognition that…

… Andrew Hemingway may be just what the doctor ordered for the NH GOP. He’s not only a dynamo of energy, technical savvy, and electoral knowledge, but also an excellent speaker showing gravity and wisdom beyond his years. (Disclosure: I worked with Mr. Hemingway as Vice Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire for several years when he was Chairman, during which the RLCNH became a Republican electoral powerhouse in NH, supporting and helping elect Bill O’Brien Speaker of the House as well as many upset winners in 2010; he left the chairmanship when he was offered a position running the NH GOP primary campaign for Newt Gingrich, who did well in NH and went on to win the next GOP primary in South Carolina.)

Today the email grapevine seems to be heating up about the breakout potential for the NH GOP if Mr. Hemingway is tapped to become party chairman. For instance, here’s a recent email that just came across my desk:

“I had the good fortune to be at the HCRC caucus today and heard both Jennifer Horn and Andrew Hemingway make their presentations for the January election to the state GOP chairmanship. I felt that Andrew was spot on with a clear cut picture of the various issues and how he would tackle each one of them. I do believe that he is capable of bringing more money into the state, and with his age 30 can help to connect to the younger voters. He is obviously spot on with his understanding and use of technology to work to connect the message better to voters and keep them informed.”

And then this, an email from another GOP  activist and member of the state committee:

“Andrew Hemingway has the most potential to move the NH GOP in the right direction, faster and better. His ideas about using data to more effectively ‘market’ to voters is just what we need. The GOP is stuck in modes from about 20 years ago when it comes to campaigning, messaging, and outreach — and he seems to have the right idea for competing with the Democrats. I was elected to the State Committee and will be voting for Andrew at the State GOP convention.”

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  • Van

    Andrew Hemingway sounds fantastic. We need to use technology to work to connect the message better to voters and keep them informed. We also need to use technology to identify our voters and get them to the polls. My question is that what if Andrew Hemingway doesn’t win state chair? Do we who support new blood, youth and new technology take our ball and go home or do we insist people like Andrew are elevated to the highest levels possible of the party and bring his talents and ideas to bare in a Horn Administration. If Jennifer and Andrew are true leaders they will find a way to work together and build a strong NH GOP.

    Lets stop the circular firing squads, NOW!

  • nh citizen

    Andrew is tough as nails. He’s the perfect counter to the Democrat message. Fresh, young, exciting. New.

  • Keith Smith

    I think either Andrew or Jenn would make a great chair. They are both more conservative than the usual NHGOP leaders. I think they are also both more in touch with the political electorate. Even if Andrew loses, I hope he still helps bring the NHGOP forward when it comes to technology. If Jenn loses, I hope she continues to stay very active with the party, as well.

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