Where Burt Cohen makes a fool of himself on NH TV

by Skip

Colt AR 15As I have posted before, I generally DVR the regular Sunday morning talking head shows to listen to what the Progressive Libs have to say.  Most of the times, except for the Fox show, the Conservatives are out numbered.  So I was rather surprised at last week’s Closeup (WMUR 9, hosted by Josh McElveen – yes, first chance I’ve had to transcribe the audio).

The topic, naturally was about gun control.  Ralph Domico of Reilly’s Gun Shop and  GoNH, and attorney Penny Dean represented gun owners.  Former NH State Senator Burt Cohen showed up to represent the typical gun hater that is clueless about why he wants to ban guns.

This seems to be the state of the debate – we have folks that like guns, own guns, and are responsible concerning the use of guns, knowing the actual topic versus the almost empty-headed debater that looks (actually) rather stupid for relying on the time tested debating skill – emotion.  Emotion is fine, but it wilts rather quickly.

And this is problem that gun owners have: if you want to deny us our guns and our freedoms to have such and use, at least know what the ….you are talking about!  Anything less from you says: we don’t respect you, we don’t care what you think (even as we don’t know what to think), and we just “know” all guns are bad.

And yes, we know that they are lying when they say it isn’t about banning guns because actions are louder than words.  And they do the actions even as the stats say otherwise to their screams.  This was REALLY well shown by Burt Cohen as Penny Dean took him to a classroom and, frankly said, beat the living crap out of him in the debate:

He started off with a total misreading of the intent of the Second Amendment, and like many Progressives, tries to shift the argument from being a Constitutional one to being one of mere “public health”.  After all, they can’t win arguing the merits (and Cohen makes this really clear later on).

Cohen:  Everybody wants to preserve the second Amendment.  I do too.  “A well regulated militia” – that’s the part that the NRA chooses to leave out,   not on their, they’re building, they leave out the “well regulated militia”.  It was intended to be well regulated – it is not well regulated  now.  It is a public health issue now.

And Cohen then laments that “oh, the gun ban didn’t work well last time because it not implemented right:

Cohen: We are not talking about banning guns.

Dean: Yes, we are

Cohen: We are not talking about banning guns…too many loopholes

Man, that sounds just like those that defend Communism even as it has failed every time and every place it has ever been tried: “The right people just haven’t implemented it yet”.  But Cohen then decides that he’s gonna keep digging – Best Stupid argument by Cohen when Penny Dean challenged him on what should be the fundamentals of the gun banners argument:

Cohen: That’s what these weapons are – military weapons! Miltary! We want to get military weapons off the streets.  There is a place for military weapons, for assault rifles, they are created for the military.

Dean: Can you tell me what an assault rifle is?  I keep hearing that word bandied in the press and heard the term bandied for years

Cohen: It’s easy for your side to say that

Dean: No, because if you are going to use a term, you can’t even define it?

Cohen: they have large clips, they can be defined…

Dean: what’s a large clip?

Cohen: I’m not in a position, a large clip is 30, huh, 30 bullets to a clip. That’s a large clip.

Dean: you’re going to put 30 bullets in a clip?  These are cartridges.

Cohen: I’m not a gun person. You guys are.  We know what weapson can be used, weapons that are, huh, weapons that are used for mass killings here.  They’ve define military..I’m not in the gun business, nor will I ever be in the gun business.

Dean: but you want to ban something that you can’t even define.

Cohen: I want to keep what was intended by the second Amendment, that they had musket loaders, it was very very difficult

Ralph Diminco: the military rifle of the time

Dean: This is the man that can’t define what an assault weapon is after Cohen accused her of being in favor of 18 year-olds having concealed weapons in school)


Dean: Answer my question: what is an assault weapon?  You can’t define it.

Cohen: It is a military style weapon.  I don’t have the specifics on it.  That is an easy one for you as I’m not in the gun business.  I’m a parent and I have 2 kids.

Dean: If you are going to debate about, You need to know your subject matter.

Absolutely – gun owners listen to this all the time and give NO credence to those blowhards that “just know I’m right” without knowing what they are supposed to be right about?  they want to ban stuff they don’t like – yet can’t even say what it is.  It this irrational fear that law abiding folks just can’t stand – and is an immediate shutdown.

Sidenote (frustration): all the gun grabbers keep kvetching that “we shouldn’t allow these kinds of guns that kill massive number of people on the streets”.  Has it ever occurred to these hoplaphobes that if we all who own these guns, they wouldn’t be talking about population control any more?  That 1) the streets WOULD be red (and they aren’t) and 2) they’d be among the first sought out, if no other reason, to stop their uneducated yammering?

Ralph Domico (sp?) hadn’t said much as Dean pretty much put Cohen into the dunce chair (rhetorically and factually speaking), so Josh McElveen asked him the last question – and a good one.  Domico did a great job of summarizing what most gun owners feel:

McElveen: I dropped by your store on Monday, three days after it happened in Connecticut.  It struck me, the place was PACKED.  What did you see and what did they say to you?

Ralph Domico: What we see is peoples’ tremendous insecurity about what the government will attempt to do firearms they deem to be ordinary tools, sporting firearms.  And what we are seeing is that they do not trust the government to make the right decision.  Every…to the person says how would this have stopped the event in Connecticut?  That we have unprotected classroom everywhere.  No protection.

Look at that statement again:  “they do not trust the government to make the right decision“.  Most don’t, and for good reason.  Again, if you look at what Feinstein want to do, it effectively disarms the populace for the absolutely EVIL action of merely owning and using a modern firearm.

Why SHOULD gun owners trust Government when the Government doesn’t trust them?  And for 99% (99% -gosh, I can’t believe I am using that in a good way!), they have done nothing wrong – why is the Government punishing them (and me)?

So Libs are just dandy about restricting the rights of the few (the gun owners) for the common good” and yet will not restrict the “rights” of the few ones (the mentally ill) that are actually doing the mass murders against the common good (thanks ACLU for getting rid of the mental institutions where many of these folks should be)?

Yet again, we will see Government trying to correct a problem they created (closing the hospitals down) by creating a new one (jails filling up with those that should be in mental hospitals) by restricting the Freedom and Right of those that have obeyed the laws.

And Progressives still believe that this is “good government”?  And then they wonder why people talk about succession?

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