What does 70 below zero look like?

by Tim Condon

You haven’t read this story in every mainstream media outlet, every day, on every front page this last week.

It’s those damned Russians: They’re at at it again!

What’s the problem, you ask? Well, like I say, it’s the Russians! They’re…

…messing up the Global Warming hoax!

Can’t they get anything right? Don’t they know that “the science is settled”? Don’t they know that 97.8% of all really expert climate scientists agree”? Don’t they know that global warming deniers are just right-wing nuts”?

Sheesh. I mean, if they can’t get the climate change scam right, how are we gonna get a one-world government run by wise leaders in the United Nations who will “meet the crisis” and “save our the polar ice caps”? Huh? Tell me that!

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  • Tim from Nashua

    Spit freezes in mid-air at about -60 degrees F. The Science! is settled.

  • klem

    When will the public wake up to the UN’s global governence aspirations achieved through the climate change fraud? When?

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