Tweet of the Day – Week – Ever? on Unions Vs Right to Work?

by Steve MacDonald

Fellow Grokster(ette?) Susan Olsen dropped this into our email this morning.  No, not ‘the royal ‘Our’ as in the royal ‘we,’ as in ‘We are not amused.’  I mean “Our” as in our Grok group email.  Anyway, this hits it out of the park on Michigan and Right to Work, and the Unions and Democrats and Obama (oh, My!), or anyone for that matter,  squawking about benefits for those who accept the choice to not have to pay dues…

Union Benefits in a Right to Work state vs Govt benefits
This guy is officially Our hero.  I am embarrassed that We didn’t think of it first.

He just effectively clubbed the union thug narrative on benefits harder than a poacher can hit a baby seal.

So I suppose he should expect a “visit” from the local union “negotiators now” to discuss his true feelings?  Maybe someone will SWAT him?

That is how they work, and this is how we work.

Yes!  Please explain that to us, Union hacks and thugs, Democrats beholden to the giant union cash machines,  Inquiring minds want to know.

If getting employer benefits without paying uninon dues Bad, why is getting government benefits without paying taxes Good?


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