Today’s Steyn – A Must Read

by Scott Morales

I usually don’t simply cite an article to read without offering something to say on my own. However, today, anything that I would offer would be superfluous. Steyn, brilliant as ever.

The Massacre of the Innocents


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  • “It’s true that, if your first reaction on hearing breaking news of this kind is to assume the perpetrator is a male dweeb in his early twenties with poor socialization skills, you’re unlikely to be wrong. But, in a society with ever fewer behavioral norms, who’s to say what’s odd?”

    Only the incomparable and venerable Mark Steyn can wax so eloquently while perhaps the rest of us aspire to be in the same room…

  • Protect thystudent

    Info is flying around CT that Mr. Lanza and Mr Holmes[Aurora] are scheduled to testify in the Senate in the LIBOR scandal. Follow the money

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